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Canton, OH — In the Land of the Free, police officers can and will escalate a situation to the point of kidnapping, severely injuring, or killing you for failing to place a license plate in the front of your car. The extremely graphic footage below is evidence of this policy and it is nothing short of horrifying.

Ron Wagner II had harmed no one, had stolen nothing, and was merely driving his car, when he was stopped by police in Canton, Ohio. During the stop, Wagner, knowing he'd hurt no one, decided to not give his ID to police as a form of peaceful protest to a state code that he feels violates the constitution.

Wagner was stopped for failing to screw a license plate to the front of his car. For peacefully protesting an Ohio code requiring him to put that license plate on the front of his car, police escalated the situation, and within minutes, Wagner was dragged from his car and mauled by a police K9.

"I'm just a lawful peaceful man, travelling from point A to point B," Wagner told the officers. "I have no warrants."

Much of what Wagner was saying is based on Constitutional interpretations that differentiate between commercial vehicle use and private vehicle use. This talk often enrages police officers who refer to people like Wagner as threats, calling them "sovereigns" or "sovereign citizens."

To show just how much police escalated the situation, Wagner's peaceful protest was cordial at points, with one officer simply talking about his dash camera. During the stop, the officer even made the admission, "I don't think you've committed any crime." 

At this point, Wagner should have been told he can go, but he was not. Just five minutes later, and he would be screaming in agony.

"This is what's gonna happen, I am going to break that window. At which time that window is broke, I'm gonna send this 100lb Belgian Malinois in there and he's gonna apprehend you.... At which time, I'm gonna drag him and you out on the ground. If you continue to resist, there will be pain compliance put upon you until you no longer resist."

To reiterate, this man had not robbed a store. He had not stolen property. He had harmed absolutely no one, yet he was pulled from his car, mauled to the point of being severely injured and hospitalized, all stemming from a traffic stop over a front license plate.

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Yes, to those who say Wagner should have just showed his license and been on his way, this violence likely would not have happened to him. However, he was merely engaging in a peaceful protest of a law which he considers unjust. This type of civil disobedience is the very fabric of what a free society is built upon—and for practicing it—an otherwise innocent man was mauled.

TFTP pulled the Ohio code that states citizens must put on a front license plate. Below is the code:

(2) Whoever violates division (A) of this section by failing to display a license plate in plain view on the front of a motor vehicle as required under division (A) of this section while the motor vehicle is otherwise legally parked is guilty of a minor misdemeanor and may be fined not more than one hundred dollars.

Ron Wagner served his country in the United States Marine Corps and made it out safe, only to come home and get stopped by the very system he fought for—which pulled him from his car and mauled him nearly to death—over a maximum fine of $200.

Below is this most disturbing video. Warning it is graphic.

If you'd like peacefully voice your opposition to the treatment of Wagner, you can do so at the Canton Police Department's Facebook Page, here.

Update: police have released the body camera footage, the graphic video is below.