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Wildwood, NJ – A disturbing video posted on social media shocked the world after showing a police officer slamming a young woman onto the ground at the beach, punching her in the head repeatedly, and then placing her into a chokehold while surrounded by witnesses, including small children. Because the two officers who attacked the young woman were never held accountable, the taxpayers of Wildwood were held to the fire instead.

This week, it was announced that Wildwood taxpayers would be shelling out $325,000 to Emily Weinman, then 20, as part of a settlement in her lawsuit against the city. the lawsuit claimed that police fabricated evidence against Weinman as well as used excessive force during her arrest. Video evidence backs up this claim.

The former Mayor, Ernie Troiano, Jr., who was mayor when the cops attacked Weinman — and who was outspoken in his support for the woman beating cops — called the settlement a “travesty and a miscarriage of justice.”

“It’s unbelievable,” he said.

Weinman's abuse was most assuredly unbelievable and the fact that the taxpayers are being held responsible instead of the cops, is infuriating.

As TFTP reported at the time, the incident took place on a Sunday afternoon in 2018 and was posted on Twitter by Lexy Hewitt with the caption, “I was sleeping on the beach and I woke up to this. I can’t believe it.”

The video was later uploaded to Facebook by Weinman, herself, who claimed that she was the girl in the video, and the incident began when she was on the beach with her family and two officers approached her and demanded to know her age and if she was drinking.

"I asked them, don't they have something better to do as cops than to stop people for underage drinking on the beach," Weinman said, noting that she passed the breathalyzer test she was asked to take and made the comment when she stepped away to make a phone call and one of the officers followed her. She said he responded by saying, "I was gonna let you go but now I'll write you up.”

Weinman claimed that things escalated when the officer then asked for her name and threatened to arrest her, and she said she refused to give him the information, and tripped as she was backing up, which led to the officer tackling her.

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A report from CBS Philly claimed that, according to police officials, Weinman was “underage and drunk on the beach and refused to provide police with her ID. She then kicked the officer in the genitals and ran off.”

This was disputed in the lawsuit and not evident at all in the video.

This incident happened nearly one year after a Wildwood Police officer was caught on video walking up to an unsuspecting man and punching him in the face for no apparent reason. That officer was not held accountable either.

Emily Weinman admitted that she refused to give her name or her ID to the officers, she was charged with a number of crimes, including two counts of aggravated assault, throwing bodily fluids in the third degree, resisting arrest in the third degree, disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice.

According to, she pleaded guilty to a single disorderly conduct charge in 2019 and was banned from Wildwood for one year.

The lawsuit alleges that the officers exaggerated how much Weinman resisted in order to “to justify their unreasonable and excessive use of force.”

Even if she did everything she was accused of, it makes one wonder—why was a police officer, who was fully armed, bigger and stronger than the small, unarmed girl he was addressing, feel so threatened by her that he felt the need to shove her on the ground and hit her repeatedly, just to prove his dominance?

One thing is certain—the young children who witnessed the incident in person were likely traumatized as a result, and the public was not made any safer by the officers’ actions.