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Detroit, MI — It is no secret in the United States that cops kill dogs. It happens so often that there is even a term for it. It is called puppycide. For some reason, unlike package delivery drivers, pizza delivery drivers, and postal workers -- who interact with countless more dogs than police -- cops most often resort to deadly force with man's best friend. And, as the following case illustrates, it costs the taxpayers dearly.

A deeply disturbing video was shared with the Free Thought Project this week showing Detroit cops walk up to a dog in a fenced in yard and kill it.

According to the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, the footage was caught on a home camera system, as the dog is seen barking through the fence at several officers and their police K-9. When the police K-9 stuck it's head through the fence, the dog inside the fence — protecting its territory — latched on to the K-9's muzzle.

The officer's made no attempt whatsoever to separate the animals and instead one officer pulled out his pistol and shot the dog in the face, killing it. For several moments the dog is seen writhing in agony on the ground in his last minutes alive.

The video has since gone viral after it was posted to Facebook with the following description, urging people to call the Detroit police department and the mayor:

This happened in Detroit, with footage being caught on a home camera system. The video is extremely upsetting - which shows Detroit police shooting a dog in the face and killing him.
In the video the dog is barking through the fence at the policemen and police dogs. The officer draws his gun, as the dog appeared to be latched on to his dogs muzzle or face through the fence. Instead of trying to separate them he shoots the dog in the head.
The officer responsible for the act needs to be held accountable. Please voice your concern and call the precinct and Detroit Mayors office demanding justice.
Phone: (313) 267-4600 or (313) 267-4639
Detroit Mayor’s Office Phone: (313) 224-3400
@detroit_police @dogsofahwf @animalhopeinlegislation

Naturally, people are upset and have let the Detroit police department know how they feel in the comments on the post.

"The cop allowed his dog to get too close and then killed the animal in front of the women who owned the dog in her yard," one Facebook user wrote. "Why didn't he separate them instead of murdering her dog?"

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Other users pointed out the fact that the woman standing in the yard turned and walked away after the cop shot the dog. "Why did she just turn around and walk away?" a Facebook user asked.

The obvious answer to that question is that she may not want to suffer the same fate as the dog. She clearly witnessed just how fast the officers were to result to deadly force and probably didn't want to end up with a bullet in her too.

“Was especially touching to see all the cops standing there while their victim writhes in agony before it dies. That police dog should have never been allowed near that fence.”

We agree.

TFTP contacted the Detroit police who said the incident is now under investigation.

The Detroit police department is notorious for killing dogs. Earlier this month, TFTP reported on another dog shooting captured on video that was also unjustified. Detroit resident Kira Horne and her beloved pit bull fell victim to a tyrannical raid in search of drugs and their happy dog who posed no threat to officers was killed as a result.

While many instances of cops killing dogs go un-reconciled because police officers are believed over the drug suspects, in Horne's case, there was video evidence that disputed the cop's argument that they were in danger.

The taxpayers of Detroit then shelled out $75,000 to pay for the cop's actions. For lying on the report and killing a dog, the cop was not fired and is still gainfully employed with the Detroit police department.