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Missouri City, TX — A family is heartbroken and now frustrated after learning that the officer who entered their backyard during a family gathering and shot their beloved dog will not face any charges. After it was announced that the officer would not be charged, the graphic body cam footage was released showing just how unnecessary it was for this cop to murder a family pet.

On Friday, the Missouri City Police department announced that after they investigated themselves, they found that they did nothing wrong when their officer entered the backyard of Lizzethe Pedregon and killed their dog Chapo.

The incident happened just after midnight on July 15, when the Missouri city police officer was responding to a noise complaint at the family's home. Instead of knocking on the door — like an officer who respects the 4th Amendment to the Constitution — the officer simply went around the house, opened the gate, and walked on to the property.

While there is certainly a gray area surrounding an officer entering a latched fence in regards to legality, none of the exigent circumstances for him to do so were present. He could not see underage drinking, did not hear anyone in distress, did not witness a crime in progress, and never even tried the front door.

As the officer enters the gate — entirely unannounced — the music is only slightly audible until the officer begins to round the corner of the house. At that point, Chapo walked up to the officer.

"Can you get your dog? Can you get your dog?" asked the officer. Instead of simply stepping back out of the gate he walked through in the first place, the cop resorted to deadly force and killed Chapo, the two-and-a-half-year-old American Bully breed – which is a mix of pit bull, bull dog and terrier.

Naturally, the family was shocked. Within just ten seconds, their gathering went from cheerful fun to bloody doom.

"You shot the dog!" the distraught voice screams as this family tries to wrap their heads around what just happened. When confronted by the party goers, the cop then tells them all to get back and, at this point, he does what he should've done in the first place — walk back out of the gate.

After the shooting, the cop is heard telling his fellow officers that he had no choice other than putting a bullet through the innocent dog's skull.

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"I see this big pit bull coming through the crowd so at first he sniffed and then he just started growling and coming at me," the officer said. "He's huge! I just, 'pow!' right in the head."

"He stopped, he smelled at me first, and then he just, 'Grrrrr!' He came at me, and I (said), 'Can you get him? Can you get him?" And by that time just, 'POW!'" he said.

Chapo, just like the family members who watched him die was likely scared of this trespasser who was sneaking into the backyard, and so he barked.

"I just opened the gate, walked right in here," he said. "I was going to ask to speak to the homeowner ... I regret it, but he was coming at me. I didn't have any choice, man. He was coming at me big time."

The officer, who conveniently remains unnamed, admitted that he never went to the front door, which should have been standard procedure. Instead, like some rogue cop in a movie, he decided to sneak up on a family party and his irresponsible actions proved fatal.

"I'm so hurt, my heart hurts," Pedregon wrote in a heartbreaking Facebook post that went viral after the shooting. "Chapo was not just our dog, he was family!"

When police can walk into a family's backyard, shoot and kill their pet as they watch in horror, and then face no consequences, something is horribly wrong. 

Despite not disciplining their officer for his careless and deadly actions, the Missouri City Police Department announced they will now require police-canine training for all sworn police personnel.

"The Missouri City Police Department remains committed to delivering superior customer service to all members of our diverse community," the statement read.

Below is an example of that "superior customer service."