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Kenosha, WI -- A dog is dead, and a woman is recovering from being bitten, tasered and shot by a Wisconsin police officer Wednesday.

According to reports, an English Bulldog named Tank, escaped from his owner's backyard. The dog reportedly bit two people before neighbors called the police to report the dog.

When the officer arrived, the dog was reported to have charged him so he pulled out his taser. Instead of tasering the dog, he tasered the woman who was trying to break up the fight, according to police.

After he missed the dog and tasered the woman, he pulled out his service weapon and began firing at the dog -- and the woman.

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The woman was then struck with a bullet in her foot. The dog was also hit and died.

"Obviously something was a little messed up in the whole process," said dog owner Shawn Lievense. "If my dog did bite somebody, I mean you know, can't have dogs biting people."

In an interview with KFOR news, Sheriff David Beth said, "So this woman had unfortunately had a very bad day."

It should be pointed out that the officer did attempt to taser the dog, instead of immediately killing it, which is atypical. In this instance, however, he would have been entirely justified in killing the dog as it had just viciously attacked two people. Also, shooting the woman with both the taser and the gun shows a serious lack of firearms safety.

Remarkably, the woman is thankful for the way the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department handled the situation.