‘Push him off’: Insane Video Shows Cops Push Teen Off a Roof, Taser Him on the Ground

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Kissimmee, FL — This week, a police officer’s body camera captured one of the most insane moves by a cop that we have reported here at TFTP. An officer pushed a teenager off of a roof. And, despite video evidence of the infraction, the officer was given less than a slap on the wrist for his behavior.

Accused of stealing his girlfriend’s car, police showed up at the alleged thief’s home and attempted to get his side of the story. But instead of getting the boyfriend’s version of events, the man fled deeper into the house, and eventually accessing the roof from a second-story window.

“Come down…You’re going to get tased and you’re going to fall. So, you better jump,” one of the officers says on the video.

Sgt. Anthony Amada was on the ground and after several attempts to convince the man to jump from the roof, Amada then told Officer Plenio Massiah to “push him off.”

“Push him off the roof. Push him off. Just push him off. Push him off,” said Amada.

Insanely enough, that’s exactly what Massiah did, and as soon as the man hit the ground, Amada gave him an obligatory tasing, even though he was not attempting to flee any longer according to the body camera footage.

Following a police internal investigation, Massiah was “disciplined” for his actions by being penalized vacation pay totaling 8 hours—for pushing a teenager off of a roof. Adding insult to injury, however, is the fact that the officer resigned in June, supposedly before he was impacted by the penalty. He was also reportedly attempting to avoid disciplinary action in a separate incident as well.

According to the report, Massiah said he feared a struggle between him and the suspect on the roof could’ve led to them both falling off, according to WFTV.

Messiah was found to have violated a KPD general order which “Members shall use only the degree of force necessary to affect lawful objectives.”

Police Chief Jeff O’Dell said, “Massiah’s decision to push the suspect off the roof could have resulted in significant injury.”

Amada resigned from the department in June yet Internal Affairs was not at all pleased with his unethical order. According to the report obtained by WFTV the KPD was displeased with Amada’s leadership which it concluded was, “not indicative of a supervisor with 14 years of experience.”

While pushing a teenager off of a roof is certainly one of the craziest things we’ve reported on here at TFTP, it is not surprising. As the Free Thought Project reported previously, police were caught on video tasering a young man’s testicles and his body — until he died. Then, we learned that although the Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson found that the officers involved had committed a crime during their torture — they cannot be charged. Adding further insult to unaccountable injury and death, according to court documents released in 2017, the cops defended their tactics, calling their torturous acts that fateful night, standard procedure.

Mesquite police officers Jack Fyall, Richard Houston, Alan Gafford, Zachary Scott, William Heidelburg and Bill Hedgpeth, the ones responsible for the death of Graham Dyer, asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit brought against them by his Dyer’s parents.

“If I could go back in time and have this case, it would be indicted,” said Michael Snipes, the first assistant district attorney. “We would have pursued criminally negligent homicide charges.”

These charges cannot be brought now, however, because — in spite of the family only recently finding out about their son’s horrifying death — cops kept the footage of it secret long enough for the statute of limitations to expire.

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