“OK, well, if the police try and come in here,” Langley replied, “There’s gonna be another problem.”

May 18, 2014

Self-proclaimed ‘homeless advocate’ and ‘anarchist’ John Langley had a problem in his place of business Thursday afternoon.

A man had gone into the bathroom of his restaurant, Red & Black Cafe, and overdosed on heroin.

Langley wanted to get help for the man, so he dialed 9-1-1. “We don’t allow police in here so we can totally accommodate the fire department and other emergency personnel,” Langley told a 911 dispatcher, “Not police, though.”

“I’m required to send everybody,” the dispatcher said.

“OK, well, if the police try and come in here,” Langley replied, “There’s gonna be another problem.”

Langley said that the paramedics arrived and quickly went in to treat the man. The man was hospitalized and released later, with no charges filed.

Had the police actually gone inside we could have witnessed an entirely different scenario.

If you are in the Portland area, go show John Langley some love and buy a cup of coffee from him; unless you are a police officer that is, as Langley made headlines back in 2010 for asking an officer to leave after he bought a cup of coffee.

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