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WATCH: Cop Road Rages on Bus Driver, Blocks Bus, Grabs His Gun, Berates Her for Changing Lanes

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Atlanta, GA — As the Free Thought Project reports—on a regular basis—police officers are caught in fits of road rage all the time. While road rage is an unfortunate reality in America, when a police officer is involved, the situation becomes far more dangerous as they have authority, and they have a gun. All too often police officers will be caught road raging on innocent citizens and it is the citizen who suffers. And, as the following incident below highlights, because the offender wears a badge and a gun, they are almost never held accountable.

Video surveillance from a MARTA bus was just released publicly this week showing an Atlanta police officer verbally lambasting a bus driver before grabbing his gun in an apparent attempt to intimidate her. His reason for doing so was reportedly over her merging into his lane.

The incident happened on Nov. 23, but video wasn’t released until this week. Because the buses are equipped with multiple cameras, this road raging cop was seen on multiple angles going after an innocent bus driver.

As the video shows, this drunk on power cop illegally swerves through the intersection around the public bus before slamming on his brakes in front of the bus driver, Rosmaree Holiday. He blocks both lanes of traffic so she cannot go around before jumping out of his personal vehicle — in uniform — and berates this innocent woman. He then reaches back into his car and grabs his pistol in an apparent act of intimidation.

“It was scary. The worst part was when he went to arm himself, he went into his car,” Holiday said. “And where I’m from, you get a gun, you’re going to want to use it. I thought he was going to light me up.”

Indeed, the last thing many murdered victims of road rage incidents see is a person reaching into their car to grab their gun. Holiday was watching this unfold in front of her. Had she attempted to fight back before getting shot in a justified move of self-defense, she would have likely been killed and the cop hailed a hero. Instead, she sat there in fear as this maniac cursed and screamed at her.

Holiday told WSB-TV that the officer should be fired for his extremely disturbing act caught on video.

“You know my company tells me, ‘When you wear this uniform, you’re representing us. And whether you’re in the grocery store after work, you’re representing MARTA,” Holiday said. “He’s representing Atlanta police.”

We agree that he should be fired, but that doesn’t go far enough. This cop blocked traffic to road rage on a bus driver and brandished a firearm while doing so. He needs to be arrested.

Under Georgia law, O.C.G.A. 16-5-20 Simple Assault, a person commits the offense of simple assault when he or she either: (1) attempts to commit a violent injury to the person of another; or (2) commits an act which places another in reasonable apprehension of immediately receiving a violent injury.

Holiday herself said she felt that she was about to be killed and the cop was off duty when he reached into his car and grabbed his gun. Had a regular citizen brandished a firearm during a fit of road rage in this manner, they would likely be charged with assault.

Unfortunately, however, because he wears a badge, he won’t face any consequences other than internal “discipline.” According to the Atlanta police department, the officer won’t face any charges, but they did ensure us that they did “investigate right away” and he was disciplined internally.

“The officer was immediately relieved of duty, and continues to be in on administrative assignment with no law enforcement duties,” Atlanta police said in a statement. “We found the officer to be in violation of our policies regarding appropriate conduct, and he is awaiting disciplinary action.”

They also noted that they will not be firing this crazed lunatic who held a bus driver against her will while brandishing a firearm during a fit of road rage. Citizens of Atlanta beware, crazed road raging cops are out there and have shown they can get away with serious criminal acts.

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