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In an ominous move that could signal the start of World War 3 if it is carried out, Saudi Arabian media is promoting a video that shows a simulation of Saudi Arabia invading and conquering Iran.

The video was published by Al-Riyadh, a pro-Saudi government newspaper, with the headline “Saudi Deterrence—Film embodies the prestige of the armed forces.” According to the website’s automatic translation from Arabic to English, the purpose of the video was to mimic the reality, the prestige of the Saudi Armed Forces, and its deterrents against foreign ambitions, especially Iranian threats.”

“The film explores several important [pieces of] information about the deterrent system that Saudi Arabia has by land, sea and air. The 5-minute film tells the operational reality of how the Saudi Armed Forces operate in managing the military system in general. The video reveals the latest weapons system of the armed forces, such as weapons, aircraft, ships and tanks of quality and strategy.”

The newspaper claimed that video was created by “young people from Saudi Arabia.” It starts by showing a large ship with a Saudi Arabian flag attacking several small boats with Iranian flags.


After the Iranian boats are completely destroyed, the video moves to the Saudi Armed Forces’ control center, where operatives begin launching surface-to-air missiles and airstrikes targeting military bases and buildings in Iran.


The video then shows Saudi forces invading Iran by land with tanks and soldiers. The troops go immediately to a compound where—without any contest from Iranian troops—they break into a compound and circle Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who immediately surrenders.

The video concludes as planes drop hundreds of pamphlets that say “Peace Be Upon You, We Are With You,” and citizens dance in the streets.

As a report from ZeroHedge noted, the video “not only revealed the defensive power of Saudi Arabia, but went beyond the detection of strategic missile system ‘East Wind,’ which exceeds the range of 12 thousand kilometers, and can thus reach the Iranian military bases and nuclear reactors, F15, Taifon, Tornado and AWACS, as well as strategic Abrams tanks, high-armed naval frigates and the Air Defense System of Patriot batteries.”

While the film paints an idealistic picture in which Saudi Arabia’s military defeats Iran’s military and conquers the country in just 5 minutes, a realistic invasion would be much different, and would likely include the involvement of the world’s major countries—even going as far as to start World War 3 if China and Russia pledge support to Iran, while the United States and Israel pledge support to Saudi Arabia.

Israeli officials have ramped up the propaganda campaign in recent months, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu going as far as to say, “Wherever ISIS exits, Iran enters.” Israel then began launching airstrikes on targets in Syria this month, after a BBC report claimed that Iran was occupying military bases near Damascus.

As The Free Thought Project reported last month, leaked diplomatic cables showed that Israel is working closely with Saudi Arabia to provoke war with Iran. According to the Israeli reporter who obtained and published the documents, “The cable instructed Israeli diplomats to support Saudi Arabia over its war with the Houthis in Yemen. The cable also stressed: ‘The missile launch by the Houthis towards Riyadh calls for applying more pressure on Iran & Hezbollah.’”

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Rachel Blevins is an independent journalist from Texas, who aspires to break the false left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. Follow Rachel on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Steemit and Patreon.


  1. Saud Arabia is just a Trojan horse for Satan worshiping zionisrael – –those zionist war criminal were starting wars and killing millions of people by setting up other nations and thy would claim a holocaust again

    • Tilt at windmills there much Jozsef?

      The Israelis have quite a bit on their plate at the moment, they have to contend with a POTUS who is actively hampering Israel’s goals by spouting idiotic proclamations about the Israeli leadership and its goals. The Palestinians are restless and are turning pro Iranian thanks to the House of Saud’s policy of rapprochement towards Israel. It of course helps that Donald’s stepping in with his deal to supply the Saudis with weapons and military help in their war with Yemen in return for giving Bibi oil has eased the pressure somewhat.

      Meanwhile the Saudis are having real issues with their military. They allocate 25% of their budget towards defense and spend most of it buying big ticket items and very little on training. Most of the airforce pilots are the sons of Saudi royalty, most of the officer corps are sons of the Saudi elite and the rank and file are conscriptees and troops brought in from Pakistan, the UAE and Bangladesh. The chain of command is rife with nepotism, corruption and backstabbing-it’s so bad that they need US help to fight off a poorly armed Houthi rebellion in neighbouring Yemen. Smells like a repeat of Vietnam to me.

      Lucky for me I’m not a US citizen, I can sit back and watch as complacently as the United States goes down the tubes sure in the knowledge that Jack Ma has a plan to take over and fix everything.

  2. Rachel, that video is pure out and out BS. The Saudi navy is so inept that they can’t hit the broadside of a tanker much less sink Iranian PT boats. Their airforce is similarly outclassed despite having top of the line aircraft-which spend most of their time as Hangar Queens instead out on patrol or fighting.

    The Saudi missile forces are a real threat. The DF-3s are POS but the newer DF-21s are a credible threat, the possibility of the Saudis upgrading them with nuclear warheads is frightening. The nuclear option in the hands of a hardline Muslim country is bad news however you look at it.

    • The nuclear option is scary as hell in the hands of any psychopaths be they zionist,muslim or neoconservative Murrkan.As far as I know,only one country has actually used nuclear weapons.And on civilian populations.

  3. Was I the only one who felt like I was playing an old version of Call of Duty? You’d figure with all of the money the Saudis have, they would have done a better job with the graphics… or am I totally missing the point? 😉


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