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WATCH: Police Publicly Execute Mentally Ill Man ‘Armed’ With a Screwdriver

The body camera footage has been released from an incident in which police shot and killed a man "armed" with a screwdriver.

‘Call a Crackhead’ Slogan Becomes Reality as Police Begin Hiring Actual Crackheads

Lowered standards for police officers now allows for former hardcore drug users like crack and heroin addicts to apply to become cops, seriously.

Serial Rapist With Multiple Victims Discovered to be a Cop—Who Struck While On-Duty

An alleged serial rapist is a member of the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department. To date, four women have come forward claiming he raped them.

Over a Dozen Children Come Forward, Exposing Network of Pedophile Cops Abusing Them for...

Thanks to a department that helped cover for them, a ring of pedophile cops was allowed to abuse children for years without any recourse.

WATCH: Crowd Erupts in Anger as Cops Beat 5’1″ Handcuffed Man and Pull Down...

Multiple LMPD police officers were seen on video slamming and beating a man who was already in handcuffs over an alleged window tint stop.

Network of Pedophile Cops Raped Children for Years Because Dept ‘Mistakenly’ Covered It Up

Two former officers have been charged with raping children and accusations were made a systemic cover-up was at work within the LMPD.

School Cop Beat a Student For Cutting In Line, Gave One Child Brain Damage

Louisville, Kentucky - A school police officer was recently arrested after he was caught assaulting young children on security camera footage. Jonathan Hardin was a...