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Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Sign Pledge to Suppress Speech and Promote ‘Counter Narratives’

The new venture will implement ‘re-education’ programs to force users to correct their speech.

Watch Free Speech Die: Cop Tickets Man Because It’s Now “Illegal to Offend Someone”

In the land of the Free, offending people is a criminal act.

Irony? Court Violates Cop’s Free Speech, Ruling that His License Plate Can’t Say ‘OINK’

An Indiana judge has ruled against a police officer with a sense of humor and is violating his free speech in the process.

If the Terrorists “Hated Our Freedom,” then They Won — 5 Ways Americans Lost...

How much more freedom must Americans lose before the terrorists can declare victory?

Cop Short Circuits After Preacher Eloquently Refused to be Pushed into “Free Speech Zone”

After a church group refused to be placed into a "Free Speech Zone" and eloquently asserted their rights, this cop short circuited and literally got stuck in a loop.

“Freedom Loving” Sheriff Calls for “Eradicating the Slime” Who Would Dare Criticize the Police

A Democrat sheriff who is a sweetheart to Republicans has apologists eating from his hand as he calls for stifling free speech and obliterating civil rights.

Free Speech Takes Huge Hit as Oakland Bans Protests at Night, Implements Anti-Protest Curfew

Local authorities have waged a war against Free Speech by threatening to arrest peaceful organized protesters based on the time of the protest.

What “Fighting for Our Freedom” Actually Means in Police State USA?

Please stop fighting for my freedom.   Dear soldier, Please stop fighting for my freedom of speech. It's not working. While you're overseas, killing people so "I have...

Planned Attack to Stop Police Accountability Backfires: A Win For Free Speech

Lately there has been an ever increasing tension growing between those who support police accountability and those who seemingly wish to prevent it. Wild claims...

(VIDEO) – Gubernatorial Candidate Arrested for Talking About Freedom in a Public Park

"We can't stand in a park with a yellow shirt on and talk to people about liberty?" "Turn your phone off!" May 31, 2014 Minnesotan gubernatorial candidate...