Cop Pulls Gun on Teens During a Snowball Fight, Charges Them With Criminal Possession of a Weapon

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NYPD officer, Sgt. Adonis Ramirez was walking by some teens having a snowball fight when one of their snowballs hit his leg.

What happened next is a cookie cutter case of a jackboot thug high on authority.

Surveillance video was released of Ramirez pulling out his gun during the snowball fight.

“We’re innocent, we didn’t do nothing wrong and he overreacted,” 18-year-old Ariel Lopez said.

Lopez and four of his closest friends watched the surveillance video and relived the moment when an NYPD officer pulled his gun on them, over a snowball.

“I felt that at that moment one of us was going to get killed or shot,” 18-year-old Minuel Rondon said.

According to the NY Post, the teens have brought a lawsuit against the NYPD for the incident. And rightfully so, the case was rife with lies.

Ramirez lied and said the kids had a weapon and were trying to “jump him.”

Officer Paola Diaz tried to paint the kids as armed assailants, by removing snowball from the report and replacing it with weapon, trumping the charges to criminal possession of a weapon.

Also, Diaz could not explain why she wrote that one of the suspects, Anthony Aquino, was also charged with disorderly conduct and harassment.

“I made a mistake,” Diaz testified. “It was a hectic night. It was me by myself doing everything. I made a mistake in my paperwork.”

Attorney Neil Wollerstein, who is representing the “Snowball Five” in their $10 million false-arrest lawsuit against the NYPD, called Diaz’ shaky testimony more proof that Ramirez’s story is all wet.

These kids are lucky they weren’t gunned down by this overzealous psychopath.  Once again the tax-payers will be held responsible for the negligence of an officer of the law.

Amazingly enough, this isn’t the first time a cop has gotten his panties in a bunch over a snowball fight.

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