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After declaring war on ISIS and immediately hacking 20,000 of their Twitter accounts, the cyber vigilantes known as Anonymous are asking the public to participate in an international operation to humiliate the terrorist group and impair their recruiting attempts. Besides trolling ISIS members online with denigrating images and hacking their accounts, Anonymous is calling for public demonstrations across Europe and North America on December 11 to show ISIS that we outnumber them and that we will not live in fear.

As #OpISIS continues to escalate, Anonymous recently issued a statement titled “The War Against ISIS Project” encouraging both Anons and the general public to engage in psyops on Friday. Although many Anons are currently hijacking ISIS chatter by posting humiliating memes on their pages, a mass demonstration on the 11th will both embarrass ISIS on an international scale and potentially disarm them from using their most effective weapon in spreading their extremist ideology: social media.

Anonymous declared that the war will be waged both online and in the “Real World.” Anonymous is asking everyone to log into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube on Friday to start trending #Daesh and #Daeshbags. According to Arabic translator Alice Guthrie, daesh is the Arabic acronym equivalent to ISIS that translates to “a group of bigots who impose their will on others” or “to trample or crush” depending on its conjugation. Daesh is also considered an insult that implies the terrorist organization is fictitious and powerless.

By posting hilarious photoshopped images of ISIS members in compromising positions, including Jihadi John posing with a selfie stick or known terrorists copulating with goats, Anonymous wants people to openly defy the men claiming responsibility for the recent Paris attacks and numerous other atrocities. Instead of cowering to fear or submitting to blind rage, Anonymous has devised an international protest that entertains participants while disparaging ISIS and its infectious social media presence.

Besides posting humorous videos and photoshopped memes, Anonymous will lead demonstrations across Europe and North America on Friday. Several cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Mexico City, Vancouver, London, Paris, Cannes, and Madrid, have been asked to publicly assemble at designated times and locations while secretly plastering images and photos mocking ISIS throughout each city without getting caught.

“On December 11th we will show them that we are not afraid, we will not just hide in our fear, we are the majority and with our strength in numbers we can make a real difference. We will mock them for the idiots they are. We will show them what they really are,” wrote Anonymous. “They do not stand for a religion, they do not stand for a god, they are brainwashers teaching from the young to the old their propaganda against the ‘west’ when in reality they are just increasing the distance between countries by giving many a bad name. But we see behind their persona, we see them for who they really are. And we hope to see you all brothers and sisters on December 11th.”

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In yet another macabre act of terror, ISIS recently released a series of graphic execution videos from war-torn Yemen. The grotesque propaganda videos depict numerous beheadings and executions involving explosive necklaces and rocket launchers.

Hours before the Paris terror attacks, Facebook shut down an Anonymous account involved in exposing ISIS recruiters. After declaring war on ISIS, Anonymous took down 20,000 terrorist-related Twitter accounts. Last month, Anonymous defaced a large ISIS website by replacing it with a Viagra ad and the message: “Enhance your calm.”

Although both groups have been targeted by law enforcement agencies, Anonymous does not advocate the use of violence or mass genocide in order to attain their goals. When caught in an intellectual battle against religious fanatics, the wisest course of action is to dismantle their technological capabilities and hinder their recruiting operations.

Anonymous does not forgive. They do not forget. And on Friday, December 11, expect them.

In the meantime, enjoy this absurd

— Wire Paladin (@paladinwire1875) December 4, 2015

">meme of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi holding a double-double Baconator while asserting, “I don’t always eat a bacon burger after goat sex… But when I do… I make it a double.”