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Our good friend, Dominik Izzo, is basking in what appears to be his life's calling: lecturing law enforcement leaders, officers, and anyone who will listen, on why police are hated so much and what each police officer and department can do about it.

As some of our readers may recall, Izzo was fired after blowing the whistle on Round Lake Park IL Police Chief, George Filenko. The former police union president came out against what he perceived to be his superior's ineptitude in allowing an innocent woman to go to prison, charged and convicted of murder for a crime many, including at least three coroners, now believe she could not have committed. For the complete story click here.

In a recent video, Izzo came out and said what many police often think, but few have the platform to announce: marijuana is not the problem — waging a war against it is.

He first went on record saying, "I've never smoked pot...I've no desire to...I've never tried it," and admitted the smell of freshly harvested weed gives him a headache. But the outspoken veteran police officer did admit to having arrested several individuals who were in possession of marijuana. "With that said, to my knowledge...I've never seen anyone ever do anything impaired on weed that was dangerous, at all, at all," he said confirming what marijuana users already know. They're not impaired after smoking weed, and are fully aware of themselves at all times while gettting high. "If cannabis itself, if weed is a plant, it's organic," he said adding, "I've never seen...(people on cannabis) things that are violent."

He admitted weed, and the desire to use it, doesn't compel users to break into a home or prostitute themselves to get weed. On the contrary, the same cannot be said of heroin or cocaine, the officer admitted. Then the teetotaler came out with his own opinion on issues surrounding the legality of marijuana.

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"I truly believe that we should legalize weed," Izzo said, that adding arresting pot users for possession charges amounts to, "cops...wasting their time."

"We are perpetuating a cycle where people can't stand us because we're arresting people for a...roach in their car," he admitted, adding police are, "ruining their lives by putting the arrest on their record."

Izzo's pro-marijuana position is in line with what much of the rest of the country is thinking in the 21st century. Weed isn't a substance to be feared or banned, but rather embraced for all of the medical benefits it can give to users.

The former officer of the year called it "stupid shit" when police officers arrest users and legally complicate their lives, potentially resulting in increased medical bills for officer takedowns which may lead to personal injury.

"Anything natural is going to wind up helping us," Izzo stated after acknowledging Big Pharma's role in keeping weed illegal for half of the country. The veteran police officer then described how he stays healthy. He says he regularly consumes alkaline green drinks, presumably such as barley grass smoothies. And turning one last time to cannabis, drawing a correlation between his superfood endeavors and marijuana, he said, "I think it has massive health benefits." Wishing not to be confused with marijuana users, Izzo again reiterated he has no interest in trying a little THC.

Legalizing Weed and The Police

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