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New Report Shows THOUSANDS of Whistleblowers Facing Retaliation in Police State USA

80% whistleblower retaliation claims ignored in biased, ‘Trojan horse’ system   The number of whistleblowers being retaliated against is increasing every year as former federal workers warn it’s almost impossible to raise grievances through official avenues within the government, a new report reveals. RT.com Among the employees and contractors working …

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Ferguson PD Just Showed Us Political Correctness is More Dangerous to a Cop’s Career than Murder

A recent example of a Ferguson police officer being placed on unpaid suspension after making a comment about the Michael Brown memorial paints an ominous picture of things to come. Officer Timothy Zoll, the Ferguson Police Department’s public relations officer, was recently placed on unpaid leave after referring to the Michael Brown memorial as ‘trash.’ “I …

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Police with CPS, Ripped Babies from Their Mother’s Arms, Kidnapping Them, for Giving Birth at Home

This family has been separated from each other now for over 3 weeks as their babies were forced into substandard government custody. Bellingham, WA — In a scene that sounds like a prequel to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, a young couple has had their three children forcefully taken from them by the …

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