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Sheriff Calls Homeland Security on Man Requesting Public Records

June 5, 2014 Alex Friedmann is the editor of a monthly magazine that reports on criminal justice issues and prison and jail-related civil litigation, Prison Legal News. Friedmann was conducting an investigation into complaints coming out of Marshall County Jail in Tennessee. When he went to the Middle Tennessee Sheriff’s office …

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A Cop is Suing Cops Who Beat Up that Cop, For Trying to Help Those Belligerent Cops

“Corporal Webb was simply watching HPD officers perform a traffic stop and was prepared to offer backup if needed. Instead, he was treated as a criminal and had his civil rights violated by patrolman Richard Kern”   The Free Thought Project John Vibes June 3, 2014   Two West Virginia …

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Indiana Supreme Court Declares An Officer’s Testimony Is More Reliable Than Video Evidence

from the apparently,-LISTENING-is-believing dept April 11, 2014 by Tim Cushing Tech Dirt Seeing how often official reports by law enforcement are contradicted by video recordings, you’d think judges would have become a bit more skeptical about the supposed “superiority” of officers’ recall powers. But that’s apparently not the case, at …

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