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Baltimore Police Assault and Tase Daughter of an Officer- On Video- Attempt to Delete Evidence

“You’re a dumb b***h, you know that!” Baltimore, MD– Baltimore police are under fire once again after a video surfaced of 36 year old Kianga Mwamba being assaulted and tased by an officer, while filming an arrest the officer was making in the street back in March.  The out of control …

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Charges Filed Despite Extreme Negligence by Baltimore PD After Brutal Beating Caught on Camera

Baltimore, MD– Charges have been filed against Officer Vincent Cosom Jr. who brutally assaulted Kollin Truss on June 15. Cosom was charged with second-degree assault, perjury and misconduct in office only after the lawyer for Truss publicly released the disturbing video of Cosom savagely pummeling his client as another officer …

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