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76-Year-Old Veteran Arrested for Asking City Official to Please Speak Louder

The Free Thought Project Mike Steward July 21, 2014     (Greenville, TN) — During an Industrial Development Meeting at Greeneville Light and Power, US Veteran, Eddie Overholt was arrested. Mayor Alan Broyles and board members were discussing a particularly unpopular decision. Up for debate was the option to submit a …

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Meet Your Taxpayer-Subsidized Farm Bill Billionaires!

‘There are no farms in Manhattan, but residents there have collected subsidies totaling nearly $9 million in the past seven years. Recipients also include Mark F. Rockefeller ($356,018) and David Rockefeller ($591,057). Yes, the Rockefeller family (Standard Oil, Chase Manhattan Bank, etc.).  This is from a recent report by the …

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