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Florida Sheriffs Threaten to Illegally Arrest Citizens if They Try to Exercise Constitutional Rights

“Please come to Lee County and drive around……If a driver refuses to roll down their window they will be arrested.” Tampa Bay, Florida – Last week we reported on a amazing DUI checkpoint video that has since gone viral, with over 1.8 million views as of Wednesday morning. In the …

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These Lying Cops Show Exactly Why So Many People are Losing Trust in “Law” Enforcement

“You can do a u-turn to avoid these checkpoints and we won’t pull you over” —say the police just before pulling people over for doing a u-turn to avoid the checkpoint. Murfreesboro, TN — A video uploaded to YouTube Saturday epitomizes the reason why police departments nationwide are losing the …

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If Ever there is an Award Given Out for Flexing Your Rights, We Nominate this Guy

“Can I ask you a question sir? Did you swear an oath to uphold the Constitution?” With multiple cameras and microphones, and a knack for flexing rights, these guys know how to perform when going through an unconstitutional DUI checkpoint. Sobriety checkpoints — also known as DUI checkpoints — are …

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