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A Cop Was Harassing a Man Walking His Dog Until This Cop Blocker Showed Up & Owned Him

With near superpower tactics the cop’s attempt to bully this man into submission proved futile over and over again! May 18, 2014 According to Activist Post.com, a man was being hassled by a cop for walking his dog at night. A cop-blocking pedestrian came to offer some accountability by simply walking …

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“Am I free to Go?” 6 Cops and Helicopter vs. One Guy Flexing His Rights

April 26, 2014 “We have reasonable suspicion in this day in age that people take pictures to try to harm police.” John Doe: “Are you detaining me?” Cop: “Yes” John Doe: “Under suspicion of what crime?” Cop: “We don’t know yet…” With more and more videos like this one surfacing, …

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