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Sheriff Honors his Oath, Stands Down IRS & U.S. Marshals from Seizing Citizen’s Property

Carlsbad, New Mexico – Wilsan Baughman is a law-abiding citizen who on Dec. 16, 2014, was alarmed to find her home surrounded by heavily armed federal agents. According to Baughman, around 9:30 a.m. while home alone with her infant son, U.S. Marshal’s broke into her home with guns drawn, demanding …

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Journalist Stalked by Law Enforcement, 100 Officers, 28 Agencies, Accessed His Records 200 Times

The Free Thought Project Jay Syrmopoulos Aug 7, 2014 It appears that exercising your First Amendment rights can make you a target of the domestic security apparatus. Jeff Gray, of PINAC and HonorYourOath, has made a mission out of filming cops and taking photographs of public buildings- such as prisons and …

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