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Watch This Man Assert His Rights While Illegally Searched in Sub Zero Weather

DeKalb, IL– Activist Ryan Scott, who you may remember from his video of a “road side safety check” (and the completely belligerent officer who lost his mind during it), was pulled over once again on Friday evening by a police officer in DeKalb. The officer stated his reason for pulling Scott over was …

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(VIDEO) “I Don’t Answer Questions” Witness the Power of Remaining Silent

Many INNOCENT individuals have been imprisoned, or otherwise harmed, merely because they chose to answer questions asked by some Law Enforcement Officer or government official, agent, representative, tribunal, or employee. It is very important to understand that the 5th Amendment protects the innocent more than the guilty. Knowing how to assert your …

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Rapper Shuts Down Four Cops in One the Most Eloquent Rights Flexing Moments Ever

“Are we being detained? We’re not detained. You haven’t explained that we’ve been suspected of committing a crime, therefore, we are free to go.” Memphis, TN — A video exclusively submitted to the Free Thought Project shows a very well spoken and informed individual flexing his 4th amendment rights against …

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