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Police Sergeant Arrested For Trafficking Oxycodone Stolen From Evidence Locker

Ironically, Grimmich was the supervisor of a narcotics unit, and was responsible for arresting people who sold and used drugs. Police Sgt. William Grimmich of Sebastian, Florida was recently arrested for stealing oxycodone from an evidence room at the department and selling it back onto the street.  The 45-year-old police …

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Is the Man Tasked with Prosecuting Darren Wilson Actually Raising Money for Him?

Prosecutor McCulloch, who has already been under fire to remove himself from the Michael Brown case, may be involved in raising funds for Brown’s murderer, Officer Darren Wilson. [email protected] @msnbc – ?? Pros. McCulloch, VP of Backstoppers, selling T-Shirts raising funds for D. Wilson = COI pic.twitter.com/ZzML9HCaCc — Dante Boykin …

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Albuquerque Police Chief Says Dept is “Stuck” with Officers Who “Shouldn’t be on the Force.”

In a shockingly honest and refreshing interview with USA Today, Albuquerque Police Chief Eden stated, “I believe there are people on the force who shouldn’t be on the force,” and admitted that they may be stuck with those dangerous officers; thanks to police unions making discipline for past actions extremely …

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