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Cop Charged with Producing Child Porn On-Duty, Used Badge to Trick Victims into Removing Clothes

Marc Washington, while on-duty and in uniform, used his “authority” to dupe a young girl into removing her clothes so he could take pictures of her. WASHINGTON (WJLA) – Authorities say that the photos were taken at a home in Southeast Washington late Sunday night. Documents indicate that he went over …

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A Hidden Camera During DUI Checkpoint Exposes the Vileness of the American Police State

“He’s perfectly innocent, he knows his rights, he knows what the Constitution says.” mutters the power tripping jackboot cop as he tears apart this innocent man’s vehicle for no other reason than to flex his “authority.” “It wasn’t a very good alert….” brags the other jackboot about the drug dog …

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How a Texas Cop Who Killed a Double Amputee Holding a Ballpoint Pen Got Away With It

Police misconduct in shootings is “very, very difficult” to prove, an FBI agent says. The following article was originally published in the Texas Observer. To read more Texas Observer articles click here. On October 24, the Houston Police Department  announced the results of its yearlong investigation into the shooting death of  Brian …

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