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Professional Cop Troll Fails to Win the Hearts of the NYPD While Dressing Up as “Oinkie McBacon”

“You mention donuts again, I’m gonna slap you in the face!” “You wanna get out of my face before I f**k you up?!” YouTube prankster Valeriy Abramov has struck the NYPD once again- this time dressed as “Officer Oinkie McBacon,” complete with snout and tail. While many of the officers did …

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Difference Between a ‘Black Guy’ Breaking into a Car vs. a ‘White Guy’

There is no question that police treat black and white people differently. Statistics across the board, from the length of prison sentences to the frequency of stops, show that black males get the short end of stick the majority of the time. To highlight this well-known stereotype, an internet pranking …

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This Girl’s Cop Prank Failed, Good Thing Her Camera Man Knew How to Flex His Rights

July 16, 2014 Self-proclaimed model, actress, and prankster, Melissa Flentzeris setup her latest prank last week, this time on cops. Flentzeris’s pranks usually consist of her flirting with unsuspecting men while the camera man films it from afar. That is exactly what was happening this time. Flentzeris was well into her …

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