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Good Cop Blew Whistle on Corrupt Superior, She Was Fired for It. He got Worse, Was Just Arrested

Former cop says she wasn’t surprised when she found out that her prior superior was just arrested for sexual assault, while on duty. Dallas, TX– Officer David Kattner, a 26 year veteran of the Dallas Police Department was arrested in late December for sexually assaulting a woman on three separate occasions …

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Despite Compelling Video, Violent Past, And Multiple Lawsuits, Dept Stands Behind this “Decorated” Cop

“He’s a good cop and one of Taunton’s finest officers” Taunton, MA– Detective Robert Kramer of the Taunton Police Department is under investigation regarding his fifth accusation of brutality after an incident in June where he viciously assaulted a man during booking, and this time it was caught on film. …

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Kill a Teenager, Get a Standing Ovation from Fellow Cops

Italian police conference applauds officers convicted of manslaughter The Guardian.com April 30, 2014 Italy’s prime minister, Matteo Renzi, has called the applause for the returning police officers ‘shameful’. Photograph: AGF srl/Rex Features &nbsp A major police union in Italy has provoked outrage after giving a five-minute standing ovation to three officers …

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