Newark, OH – The video footage is gruesome, and the photos of the resulting injuries are horrific—a former teacher has now filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Newark and the police officer who unleashed an attack dog on her, and she is claiming she was not breaking any laws, and posed no threat to police at the time.

Ashley Zuress, 31, was the passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over for a traffic violation in March 2016. When the driver, her boyfriend Jeffrey Grooms, got out of the vehicle and fled the scene, she said police said nothing to her about staying where she was. Because she was not the one responsible for the violation, she climbed into the driver’s seat and began to drive away.

According to the lawsuit, as reported by the Newark Advocate, after Zuress left the scene, she was pulled over by police who told her to get out of the car and walk backwards to them. While it is not clear what Grooms’ status was, or if he had been apprehended by police, Officers Dave Burris and April Fleming appear to be the ones involved in the original traffic stop, who then went after Zuress.

“Ms. Zuress turned to face away from (Officer) who then ordered her to walk backwards toward him,” the lawsuit stated. “Ms. Zuress did not immediately walk towards (Officer), rather she twisted her body around, asked why she was being pulled over and stated that she wanted to go home.”  

The officers claimed Zuress was not complying, and they responded by bringing a K9 officer to her car and letting the dog bite her arm repeatedly, as she was taken to the ground. While the officers’ dash cam does not appear to have captured the entire scene on video, it did capture the audio of Zuress’ reaction as she was mauled by the attack dog.

“Approximately one second after (Officer) threatened Ms. Zuress with use of the ‘dog,’ Defendant Burris moved from his position behind Ike to Ms. Zuress’ Jeep,” the lawsuit said. “From that vantage point, Defendant Burris could clearly see that Ms. Zuress was unarmed and making no threatening moves.” 

As a result of the arrest, Zuress was charged with two crimes—misdemeanor counts of obstructing official business and failure to comply. The Newark Advocate reported that she pled guilty to both counts, by way of a plea deal, and she was sentenced to a suspended 30-day jail sentence. But that pales in comparison to the physical damage Zuress suffered.

The lawsuit alleged that the officers used excessive force by taking Zuress “forcibly and painfully to the ground where [the attack dog] continued to bite Ms. Zuress’ arm while Defendant Burris and other officers forcefully placed [her] in handcuffs.” 

Zuress required medical attention after the arrest, and she was treated for deep cuts that resulted in more than a dozen staples. She now suffers from permanent nerve damage, scaring, and limited mobility.

“I felt like from that video, everything in my life was over. I have an ugly scar on my arm that can’t go away. It can’t be fixed,” Zuress told the local ABC affiliate, noting that she also lost her job as a teacher at a Columbus charter school after the incident.

As The Free Thought Project has reported, police officers have a habit of releasing their K9 officers on suspects who clearly pose no threat of violence to the officers. In one recent account, a man was mauled by an attack dog while surrendering, after he was approached by police over an alleged parole violation. Even after video footage was released that showed the man on his knees, with his hands behind his head when police released the attack dog, the man was only awarded $17,000—all of which was paid for by taxpayers.

Watch the Dash Cam footage below:

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Rachel Blevins is an independent journalist from Texas, who aspires to break the false left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. Follow Rachel on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Steemit and Patreon.


  1. Strangely US cops have no problem shooting friendly dogs that are pets of citizens so why can’t they shoot the attack dog ? if its out of control then its a danger to them as well.

    • The dog was not out of control, he was completely under the control of the cops and was doing exactly what he was being told to do.

  2. It’s always the taxpayers who pick up the tab. For once, let the defendant (in this case the police officers) be responsible for paying.

        • I appreciate your facetious retort, I’d respond with similar attempts at levity if it weren’t such a serious bit of subject matter and clearly one which deserves considerable scrutiny and investigation as well as educated forensic debate to arrive at a solution for the vicinage for that which consistently vexes them. I’ll begin by providing some primary source citation reference material with the hope and expectation of a germane reciprocal exchange. Please see the two volume set of books by author Augustus Blackstone entitled THE ERRANT SOVEREIGN vol. l & ll. The material contained within the books have zero in common with the ludicrous pseudo-law of the oxymoronic notion of “sovereign citizens” whatever that is. It does have everything to do in historical contrast and comparison of our former superior political and personal positions in relation to the jurisdiction of the elected representative form of governance by consent. They are free in pdf e-book format online.

          • I appreciate yoy saying so. My thought process is not my own, sadly. I ride upon the shoulders of giants who came before me. I merely appropriate their concepts which were powerful in their time and apply the latest revelation in historical archived and researched material, which heretofore had not been readily accessible to scholars, much less the layman, or journeyman reseacher. The advent of large databases where some wonderful, thoughtful and supremely considerate intellectuals donated enormous amounts of time, energy and resources toward compiling huge volumes of information, which at a cursory glance seems wholly unrelated and disjointed, but once a clear timeline has been made manifest, the dots form a functional image of masterful deception and long planning. Its clear to me now that these powers/Principalities = Royalty think, develop, plan, organize, foment and formulate plans for domination in terms of at least a century at a time, maybe more. The final plan is one that is total destruction of all resistance, all opposition, all possibility of insurrection, subversion, and subterfuge potentiality. These beings will, without a doubt, apply a total scorched earth policy to remain in power and have control over the main global resources necessary for their ability to THRIVE not merely survive the coming global governance. Two classes will exist. The ruling elite, and slaves. That’s all, period! I invite you to examine author and master historian David Livingstone’s books, but in particular the one entitled TERRORISM AND THE ILLUMINATI a 3,000 year history of luciferian worshipping child sacrificing warmongering assholes! Its a free pdf e-book on David’s site at http://www.conspiracyschool.com . There are many other books and publications he’s produced and his material is by far the best, most concise and complete source for the origins and evolution of these luciferian assholes who are hell bent on ruling everyone or killing everyone off in the process. They intend nothing less. I’m not even fucking around. Just because you don’t believe the same as they do, doesn’t mean that their beliefs won’t have negative impact and effect upon you and your kinsmen, countrymen, your consanguinity, your posterity and House for generations to come. I’m no fear porn purveyor or peddler, I merely offer access to the truth as I’ve had it revealed to me, as such I’m charged and duty bound to expose it and share the shadow activities so you and others may drag it into the disinfectant sunlight and eradicate it by making available access to accurate, truthful actionable information which is meaningful. In time for it to matter.
            Aut pax aut bellum.

          • For this federal-judge: David-Wynn: Miller’s-correction of the vassalees-fiction-syntax-grammar-pleadings is with the correction-participation-claim of this babble-indictment-evidence and: bad-probation-syntax=grammar-evidence. (Why did the vassalees do this case with a void-communications?) For the void-drogue-law, void-oath of an office, void-judge’s-oath, void-docking-court-house

          • Well I can only presume that you are inferring what I provided is sovereign babble. That’s your loss. I was a deputy sheriff for over a decade in a supervisory capacity, combat vet and multiple claim pro se litigant with zero convictions and three wins in court. I’ve no had a DL in ten years I’m self insured and actually own my property as its untaxed. So you believe whatever makes you feel better. I’ve actually put in the work to get where I am. Retired at 45. I don’t know what a sovereign citizen is. All I know is that I run my own affairs without interference now by state actors.

  3. I’m sorry but the video I saw was of a woman who had no intentions of complying. First of all you don’t run off with a vehicle that was pulled over on a traffic stop. Secondly you don’t keep facing the officer like you are confused. Either she really thought she was above the law or either you’re just retarded ( oh wait, she’s a school teacher 😵)
    Now let me make sure that people understand that I in NO way condone unleashing a dog to make a meal out of a person. However I clearly believe all of this could have been avoided. ( I really, really, really like to think so)

    • Agree. Don’t condone what happened, at all, but given the circumstances, jumping into the driver’s seat and driving off was probably just about the stupidest thing she could have done.

    • It could have been avoided by putting a hollow-point in both of the pigs heads, but by all means, keep making excuses for them. Pigs will abuse people who surrender anyway, so your better off taking your chances.

    • Yep, she was stupid. Then again, she was charged and held accountable for her acts of illegal stupidity. And so should the cop be held accountable, who’s actions were also stupid and illegal. It could have been potentially avoided with her compliance, and it definitely could have been avoided if the cop wasn’t a typical thug.

  4. Any acceptance of “Guilt” is an absolute defense. Her behavior will give the officers “reasonableness” I.e. Immunity. Unless she has evidence the city is liable, she is S.O.L.

    The Plaintiff should sue her attorney for ethics violations. Unless he’s pro bono. Then he’s a hero.

  5. It was about 30 seconds of “non-compliance” before she was attacked. I don’t think peaceful resistance to a cop should be met with violence. If i have the right to remain silent i believe i also have the right to remain motionless.

  6. If ever there was a case for someone bringing shit on themselves. This was it. I rake the cops over the coals every chance I get and yes, it’s excessive force with the dog. But when you’re stopped by the cops and your boyfriend takes off running, what kind of asshole do you have to be to get behind the wheel and think you’re free to go? With how that scene looks, why would you be that stupid?

  7. I expect nothing less, but the propaganda bullshit with this site is beyond laughable at this point.

    This “innocent” woman(who subsequently pled guilty to all charges) as the first line states, jumped into the driver seat moments after her boyfriend fled on foot. “The cops never explicitly told me to stay, so I wanted to go home.” Well, they were in a foot chase with her boyfriend, and Since I have trouble believing this educated woman is so stupid that she honestly believed that she was free to jump into the driver seat, drive away, and was not doing anything wrong by doing so. Then, when she is stopped for the second time, she’s playing games and not complying. Her lawyer is full of shit saying that they could clearly tell she was unarmed. The instructions the officer was giving were very clear, and left no room for interpretation or discussion. Still continue to not comply, the k-9 or as it is repeatedly referred to in the article, the “attack dog” is utilized.

    No one “ruined her life” but her and her poor life choices, especially in the boyfriend department. If I had to guess, I would say they were either both drunk, or both junkies based upon their actions and her behavior. Losing her job was a blessing for any children she had been teaching.

    The substitution of “attack dog” for k-9, or dog is just the typical wordplay bullshit that this propaganda website does in every article. They also do this by substituting “rape, grope, molest, sexually assault, fondle, sodomize, etc” for any search or patdown. It is also the same with “murder or execute” for all shootings and “torture” for any use of force, or “kidnap, locked in a cage” for arrest. This is of course done to ellicit a negative emotional response from the reader rather than just present the facts, and allow the reader to come to their own conclusion, thus treating the reader like a child.

    How can you routinely do this shit with a straight face? There is a serious issue with some police officers/police agencies, and I want to see them held accountable, but the “hatchet job, hack job, yellow journalism, shock reporting, sensationalism, tabloid journalism, brickbat reporting, derisive rag reporting, fake news” articles on this site are a joke. But that wordplay is actually kind of fun.

  8. Sorry, but anybody with half a brain fully understands that you DO NOT slide your privileged a…uh, (behind) behind the wheel and drive away from an active police stop. I elected not to look at the video but I’m presuming from her efforts to “go home” the police were aware they weren’t dealing with a rocket scientist. Or a Ninja Warrior. So there was no immediate danger. The dog was deployed to inflict damage out of anger over her failure to immediately do as she was ‘ordered’. Excessive!!!
    If you, as an ‘Officer Of The Law’ are incapable of controlling your emotions (Anger/Rage) you have no damn business being a ‘Officer Of The Law’


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