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On Friday's inauguration, and in the days before, the world seemingly lost their minds as Barack Obama transferred power to Donald Trump and took over as the President of the United States.

Ignoring the fact that Obama dropped over 100,000 bombs on women and children throughout the Middle East, increased the national debt by nearly 10 TRILLION, continued erecting a domestic police state, and usurped personal freedom — those on the left mourned the loss of their messiah.

Ignoring the fact that Trump has picked cabinet members who want to drop even more bombs on brown people in the Middle East, is outspoken about increasing the US police state, and is deeply entrenched in the Goldman Sachs-style of presidencies — those on the right welcomed their new messiah.

The fact of the matter is that the president of the United States is little more than a figurehead who distracts the populace while the real controllers make moves in the background. Even though Donald Trump promises to remove these people from the background, given the majority of his appointments and his meetings with globalist war criminals like Henry Kissinger, he's highly unlikely to be successful — even if he was being genuine.

As Julian Adorney noted, when writing for the Mises Institute, very little actually changes when a new president takes power.

For the past eighty years, United States presidents have been remarkably similar once in office. Most presidents, whatever their promises as candidates (usually to shrink parts of government) end up waging wars overseas and expanding government control here at home. The problem is not any one politician, be it Barack Obama, or George W. Bush, or Ronald Reagan. The problem is the institution as a whole.

The POTUS, as those of us who pay attention to the bigger picture know, changes very little. And, instead, serves as a distracting divisive monolith to which people can either rally behind to hate or hate to rally behind.

This week proves that the divide, distract and conquer tactics are effective as five major events took place that the masses wholly ignored while focusing on the dog and pony show at the inauguration.

1. Missile Launchers at DAPL

While Americans took bets on the tone of Trump's tan on inauguration day, independent journalists took to exposing the fact that the Avenger AN/TWQ-1 Air Defense System was deployed to Standing Rock.

What possible reason could police and military have to justify the use of a short-range missile defense system against unarmed protesters trying to protect a native American water supply?

Yes, there have been people filming the area with drones and there is a no-fly order. However, there have been zero reports of police or anyone else being injured by a drone. It is also inconceivable to think that police would fire a missile to take down an amateur drone with hundreds of innocent people below.

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It is entirely possible that the missile tubes are empty. It is also possible that they are simply using this vehicle's heat sensing camera. However, that does not negate its presence. The deployment of this missile system to Standing Rock can be seen as little more than an act of intimidation.

2. Police Violence Against Peaceful Water Protectors at Standing Rock Ignites Once Again

While the inauguration filled the airwaves across the US, tear gas and rubber bullets filled the air at Standing Rock. This week, Morton County Sheriff’s Department officers together with the National Guard began firing less-than-lethal projectiles, pepper spray, and, reportedly, mace on a group of water protectors at Standing Rock during what was supposed to be a prayerful, peaceful walk to the drill pad where work is rumored to continue on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Reports from people at the camps indicated police brought in vehicles with water cannons just beyond the scene. In the video below, we can also see police open fire on water protectors with rubber bullets — in their backs — as they run away from tear gas.

3. Landmark Study Shows Pot Smoke Doesn't Cause Strokes, but Tobacco Does and Pot Can Help Stop That

It's not only the bad things that the masses ignore while their televisions fed them what they are supposed to believe about the inauguration, it's the beneficial things too.

We know it may seem counter-intuitive to what we already know about tobacco, but a steady stream of scientific research is revealing some surprising conclusions about cannabis. The latest research indicates that marijuana use does not run the same risk of stroke that tobacco does.

Stroke data was analyzed from 49,321 participants in the study. The researchers concluded, “We found no evident association between cannabis use in young adulthood and stroke, including strokes before 45 years of age. Tobacco smoking, however, showed a clear, dose–response shaped association with stroke.”

In a related study, smokers were able to quit smoking, or smoke much less, when using a CBD inhaler — thus illustrating how an illegal drug is saving the lives of those who continue to use this dangerous legal drug.

4. Country Music Singer Sturgill Simpson Goes on SNL, Exposes the US Role in the Afghan Drug Trade 

Sturgill Simpson is one of the most under-appreciated, under-aired, unknown, and immensely talented musical artists around. Up until last month, in fact, most Americans have never heard of him — because he's entirely too truthful to be on the radio.

However, he's recently been nominated for a Grammy and was granted a gig on TV's Saturday Night Live.

Ironically, the mainstream media was responsible for the truth about Afghan heroin increase since the US invasion, being told to millions of people — all through Simpson's song, Call to Arms.

This information was entirely missed by the mainstream media and the public at large, as news across the country covered only the inauguration. It quickly gained traction by those who are aware, however, and was retweeted by Sturgill Simpson himself as well as Joe Rogan — two people who obviously pay attention.