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Floyd Mayweather is taking on Conor McGregor on Saturday night in an epic boxing match that arguably won't have any profound effect on your life—unless you’re betting money on the winner. However, the fanfare that has surrounded this latest bread-and-circus event has done its job by distracting the public from several stories that do, in fact, have an impact on everyday Americans and the future of the United States.

5. First of Its Kind Study Shows Undeniable Evidence Cannabis Can Treat Opioid Addiction

As support for the legalization of cannabis and research of its impact on various diseases continues to grow in the United States, a first-of-its-kind experimental study is finally proving that there is undeniable evidence that cannabis can treat opioid addiction.

The study, which sought to determine “whether the cannabis constituent cannabidiol attenuates the development of morphine reward in the conditioned place preference paradigm,” shows how cannabis works to block the opioid reward in the brain:

“After drug-place conditioning, morphine mice displayed robust place preference that was attenuated by 10 mg/kg cannabidiol. Further, when administered alone, this dose of cannabidiol was void of rewarding and aversive properties. The finding that cannabidiol blocks opioid reward suggests that this compound may be useful in addiction treatment settings.

4. Ron Paul Just Eviscerated Trump’s Hypocritical Afghan War Narrative In An Epic Tweet Storm

When President Trump announced that the Afghanistan War still has no end in sight, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul responded with a series of Tweets that echo the sentiments many Americans feel towards the longest war in U.S. History, which has now spanned three administrations over 16 years.

Paul pointed out that “the military personnel are the victims of bad foreign policy,” and called out one of the hallmarks of U.S. foreign policy: “Sad that these wars the politicians argue for are unconstitutional yet we are told we are over there defending the Constitution.”

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3. CNN Panel Backfires, Destroys Mainstream Media Narrative on Charlottesville

It is no secret that CNN has had better years, and that fact was evident this week when the network’s citizen panel worked against it by shattering the mainstream narrative CNN has worked to promote in the wake of riots in Charlottesville, Virginia. When panelists were asked if they were “troubled” by President Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville—where he noted that there was “blame on both sides”—not a single panelist condemned Trump’s response, and only one panelist specifically noted that there were “problems on both sides.”

2. NY Times Deletes Tweet After Internet Owned Them for Praising US-led GENOCIDE in Yemen

The New York Times is another mainstream media outlet that found the need to rework its agenda this week when it was forced to delete a tweet that praised the United States and Saudi Arabia’s role in keeping Yemen “under close watch.“How did Yemen—a country under the close watch of the United States and Saudi Arabia—fall so swiftly into crisis?” read the tweet, which was met with furious backlash from those on the internet who have been following the conflict, which has arguably resulted in genocide in Yemen.


1. Congress Quietly Passes New Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Home

A bill that will allow homes to be searched without a warrant was passed with overwhelming support by the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Trump after it was opposed by only five members of Congress. House Joint Resolution 76 looked harmless on the surface, but the members of Washington Metrorail Safety Commission it seeks to create will be given the authority to enter property near the Metro Rail System “without limitation” and without a warrant, for the purpose of “making inspections, investigations, examinations, and testing.”

No matter who wins the great Mayweather – McGregor fight, the fact is that the United States is still killing innocent civilians in foreign nations, Congress is still passing laws that violate the U.S. Constitution, and the mainstream media is still pushing U.S. propaganda and distracting Americans with inflammatory coverage of the latest bread-and-circus battle of the moment.