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Like so many years before it, 2015 was a year which saw many paradigm shifting news stories go completely under the radar of mainstream media and thus ignored or disregarded by the majority of citizens.

As time goes on and new "breaking" news occurs it is easy for information to get lost in the shuffle. Sadly, it is this short-term attention span that government relies on to pacify the masses, cover-up its transgressions and demonize anyone who remains mindful of these events.

For years those who have questioned the official narrative of President John F. Kennedy's assassination have been ridiculed as "conspiracy theorists" and "kooks." However, last year it was finally revealed in a declassified CIA report, that former director John McCone was complicit in withholding information regarding the assassination of a president who Americans view as having the most positive administration in the last century.

A simple google search reveals how this information has been disregarded by a large portion of major news outlets. Yet Americans, by and large, seem to be utterly distracted by events like the Miss Universe mishap or the hospitalization of Lamar Odom, and the Kardashian circus that followed.

Thankfully, this important news may once again have an opportunity to be brought into the spotlight. While most Americans are familiar with the footage of JFK's assassination recorded by Abraham Zapruder, which has offered the most iconic footage of the event to date, a second video, recorded by a man named Orville Nix, is now the subject of a lawsuit. The video shows the assassination as "a mirror image of the Zapruder film from the other side of Dealey Plaza,” according to FBI analyst Farris Rookstool III. While a version of the Nix film is available, the original has yet to be returned.

Below is the Nix film, in which a flash can clearly be seen coming from the grassy knoll.

The startling revelations surrounding the JFK assassination are not the only the story the mainstream media failed to cover in 2015.

As reported by The Anti-Media, in July of last year, China's stock market experienced a $3.25 trillion plummet. Immediately after this nearly catastrophic plunge, the New York Stock Exchange suddenly halted trading due to "technical reasons"

What’s taking place in China now bears an uncanny similarity to what occurred there before the global financial disaster in 2008-2009—but on an unnervingly larger scale," writes Anti-Media correspondent Claire Bernish.

While their government took extraordinary steps to stop this market hemorrhage, there is no telling when the Chinese bubble will burst or the effect it will have on the US economy, which is heavily dependent on China's influence on the global economic stage.

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Fortunately, all is not doom and gloom. As The Free Thought Project previously reported, a man by the name of Jim Murray has solved Nikola Tesla's secret to amplifying power by nearly 5000%. Even though the internet tried to "kill him" Jim has continued his work to fundamentally change the energy paradigm and even took time to do an interview with Derrick Broze, a journalist with The Conscious Resistance.

In this interview, Jim addresses his detractors and gives his take on current energy policies and what it will take to effect real change within this field.

Jim's research is especially significant when consideration is given to the "energy variable" which has become a driving factor in US foreign policies that have become the target of increased public scrutiny in recent years.

As many of our readers may remember, in November, the Free Thought Project's Jay Syrmopoulos reported, how Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh exposed a near coup within the US government, spurred by the Obama administration's involvement in Syria. While the administration chose to arm Syrian Rebel groups affiliated with ISIS, members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff disagreed.

"The Joint Chiefs felt that a direct challenge to Obama’s policy would have ‘had a zero chance of success.’ So in the autumn of 2013 they decided to take steps against the extremists without going through political channels, by providing US intelligence to the militaries of other nations, on the understanding that it would be passed on to the Syrian army and used against the common enemy, Jabhat al-Nusra and Islamic State."

In addition to covering the US role in creating ISIS, Hersh has been extremely vocal in exposing the 'fantasy' of the official narrative regarding the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

The continued promulgation of a "war on terror" not only affects US foreign policy, but has also been a major catalyst for many domestic policies we see, that Americans increasingly lament, as evidenced by a recent Pew Research Poll, which indicated that over a quarter of the US population now view the government as their "enemy."

The most recent example of a blatant assault on our liberty occurred a mere 2 weeks ago, when Congress, under the cover of darkness, passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, otherwise known as CISA. Despite massive opposition, the bill's provisions were added to the “omnibus” federal spending bill less than 48 hours before congress was set to vote on it. It was then immediately approved by President Obama in a move reminiscent to that of the "Patriot Act" in 2001.

So long as these stories go neglected by the majority of Americans, the atrocities we see taking place all over the world will continue. Let us all resolve in 2016 to educate each other and fundamentally change the world as we presently see it.

Johnny Liberty is a researcher and investigative journalist. You can follow him on twitter @LibertyUnltd