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It's time for Time magazine's annual propaganda piece in which they arbitrarily choose someone of interest to the establishment and present them as this 'amazing and wonderful' 'person of the year.'

In the past there have been some fairly repulsive picks for this award. Mass murdering psychopath, Adolf Hitler for instance, was Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 1938. The man responsible for the dishing out of trillions of tax payer dollars to the global banking cartel and covering it up, Ben Bernanke, was the person that Time Magazine considered worthy of such a prestigious honor back in 2009.

This year Time has an online poll in which it asks for viewer input to choose between likely opponents; Miley Cyrus versus Jimmy Fallon for example. In this list of opponents is war criminal and child murderer Barrack Obama who is pinned up against liberator of information, Edward Snowden.

The results are heartening to say the least.

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While Time Magazine will likely pick someone who they feel will best continue their lemming-like version of the status quo, the results are encouraging enough. The fact that someone the US considers a criminal for releasing information illustrating their nefarious ways, is winning in a poll in against the one doing the accusing, says a lot about the current state of our society. Are people finally beginning to shake themselves out of this state of suspended animation? One can certainly dream.