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Unless you've been hiding under a rock this week, you've probably noticed that ESPN reporter Jemele Hill has become the center of a controversy for her tweet branding Trump a “white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.” As the tweet went viral, it bubbled all the way up to the White House where press secretary Sarah Sanders called it a fireable offense. The horror.

Mainstream media headlines were ablaze with claims that Donald Trump demanded ESPN fire Hill for her free speech. While the White House has no business telling ESPN who they can and can't fire, no one made a demand. Nonetheless, this controversy has kicked up a divisive shitstorm and the mudslinging from both sides has served to distract Americans from the actual government decisions that affect them. Arguably, this distraction is deliberate.

As the right calls for the ESPN reporter to be fired and the left calls Trump a white supremacist, the establishment is robbing them both blind to fund militarism on a massive scale and inching the planet toward a global conflict—the likes of which humanity has never seen.

Thanks to the unprecedented and constant saber rattling of the Trump administration toward North Korea, the once irrelevant dictatorship—who hasn't attacked another country in decades—is now firing missiles over Japan, while frantically growing their nuclear capabilities.

As ZeroHedge pointed out, all the diplomatic posturing, the jawboning, the UN sanctions, and threats over the past three weeks has achieved absolutely nothing because as Yonhap and NHK report, North Korea has just launched an "unidentified" missile eastward from the capital Pyongyang.

When heads of megabanks are openly warning of the possibility of World War 3, it's time to pay attention. 

On Thursday, Tina Fordham, managing director and chief global analyst at Citi, warned of that very possibility.

"A conflict on the Korean Peninsula would not only be very disruptive in the region, but could potentially lead to World War III because of the U.S. security guarantee, so it would be internationalized overnight," Fordham told CNBC.

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As the US pushes the insane Kim Jong Un into a corner, forcing the possibility of nuclear war, the Pentagon, with the approval of the Congress, passed a sweeping $1.2 trillion dollar spending bill that adds even more money to the military's grossly inflated budget. Exactly where this money is going to come from remains to be seen.

While the masses argue over whether or not some sports reporter should keep her job, the US national debt crossed $20 TRILLION for the first time ever—jumping over $300 billion in a single day.

As the corporate media exaggerates headlines claiming that the White House 'demanded' an ESPN reporter be fired, the Senate voted to make sure the United States stays at war in the Middle East—forever.

As Trump supporters defend their president from the likes of some random ESPN reporter, they are ignoring the fact that he is giving hundreds of billions of dollars in weapons to the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world—Saudi Arabia. They are also ignoring the fact that his administration is still funneling money to the 'moderate rebels' in Syria—aka ISIS—in spite of claiming he stopped this insane practice.

As Trump supporters look the other way as he flip flops on his campaign promise to end the Afghan war, the US is preparing for an even deadlier quagmire. Adding on to the 3,500 troop escalation already announced for the Afghan War, officials are now reporting that another 6,000-plus ground troops from Fort Carson are also slated for a future deployment to the country, according to Antiwar.

While the threat of nuclear war looms thanks to the neocon/neolib factions in the deep state, the United States is shooting itself in the foot by handing out sanctions—which are acts of war—to any and all countries who don't immediately fall in line. As countries react to these sanctions by dumping the US dollar, a currency crisis is looming on the horizon that would be the beginning of economic chaos here at home.

As Americans keep fighting over bullshit talking points forced down their throats by television and social media algorithms—the elite are marching the country off a cliff. All the while, Boobus Americanus is puffing out his chest chanting 'USA!' as he not only accepts but celebrates the future debt of his children and grandchildren to support endless conflict he thinks 'protects his freedom.'

It's time to wake up America. Pull yourselves out of this hypnosis and realize that the divide being pushed on us by corporate media is deliberately distracting everyone from the issues that really matter. We don't have to all agree and sit around a campfire singing kumbaya, but if we don't realize, very soon, that the military industrial complex cares not about party lines, black or white, Antifa or neo-nazi, and only about creating more war at your expense, then we may never have another chance.