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For anyone who values liberty, it can easily seem like a lost world. Between a ballooning federal debt, massive tax and regulatory burden, and an increasingly violent and pervasive police state, hope for a free and peaceful world is hard to come by.

Hard, but not impossible. Thankfully, there is indeed hope, in the form of a determined group of liberty activists that's growing by the day: the members of the Free State Project.

With libertarians spread far too thin to see any definitive impact at reducing the size and scope of government, a group of liberty activists hatched a plan to focus their efforts in one geographically small, low-population area, starting with New Hampshire: the Live Free or Die state.

The original goal was to get 20,000 participants to sign a pledge to move to New Hampshire, where they would participate in the electoral process in order to whittle away at the state from within. Now, while some participants do still enter politics to make a change, many more have joined the struggle for liberty in other areas, from starting agorist businesses that do not take part in the government tax structure, to filming police and holding them accountable, to civil disobedience.

So far, over 16,000 signers have pledged to move once the 20,000 number has been reached, and almost 2,000 have already moved without waiting for the final number to be achieved.

The brave early movers have turned an already-free New Hampshire into a much freer place. Dozens of these Free Staters have been elected to public office, passing (and blocking) legislation by Free Stater margins, including passing a broad marijuana legalization measure through the State House (though it ultimately failed because of veto threats).

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A case (involving the Free State Project president herself) over the right to record police made it all the way to the First Circuit Court of Appeals, and won, affirming the Constitutional right to film interactions with police. Entire warrantless checkpoints have been effectively neutralized by massive coordinated activism efforts.

These successes have not gone unnoticed by the establishment. State representative Cynthia Chase even called out Free Staters as the biggest threat to her big government agenda, and called on the state to pass increased measures to limit their freedom in order to force them out.

A team of intrepid filmmakers made an hour-long documentary, 101 Reasons: Liberty Lives in New Hampshire, to show off all the ways liberty activists are winning in the Free State, and to inspire others to do the same. By studying what works there, we can replicate their successes elsewhere.

Liberty isn't dying everywhere. It lives in New Hampshire. We can roll back the government by attaining a critical mass of activist movers. We can have liberty in our lifetime.

Joël Valenzuela is the publicist for the101 Reasonsdocumentary. He also runs The Desert Lynx.