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Los Angeles, CA — Currently, K-12 public school districts in the state of California are in flux. Less than 37% of middle school students and 39% of high school students have been allowed to return to school. Hundreds of thousands of children have been out of school for over a year and California has no plans to open all schools until next school year. However, if you're a child in the state, you can apparently go late night clubbing, dress in drag, and have adults throw money at you. Seriously.

Disclaimer: No one here at the Free Thought Project thinks that people should not be allowed to dress in drag and party. Drag competitions and dance parties are some of the best parties on the planet. That being said, allowing children to take part in late night 'strip shows', sexualizing them in the process, and tipping them like strippers on a stage, is definitely not okay.

Footage from a drag show in Los Angeles was recently published to social media, however, showing little girls posing and dancing for a crowd of adults, in the middle of the night, as they are tipped like strippers and told to 'shake it' for the audience.

To be clear, this is not the controversial issue of kids dressing in drag and going to daytime drag shows and appearing on "RuPaul’s Drag Race” — which has somehow garnered nine Emmys since its 2009 debut. The children in the video below are in a bar, at midnight, completely surrounded by adults, who are throwing money at them and telling them to perform.

Naturally, this has led to serious outrage online.

“I used to perform in drag shows. I can’t fathom what kind of woke a** stupid parent lets their little girls parade suggestively in front of a room full of horny sauced-up freaks while they get bills thrown at them like strippers,” one user commented.

“11.40pm. People giving money to children. This is insane,” another wrote.

Others pointed out the obvious, noting, "This is perfectly fine for adults and absolutely inappropriate for children. And that is the point. Do whatever you want with consenting adults, but leave the children out of it."

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According to the person who posted the video, "LINSDAY," the video was taken by Angela Stanton King, who has been recently banned from Twitter. Though Stanton-King has espoused ridiculous Q-anon theories on social media, her video below speaks for itself.

In the state of California, schools are closed but late-night child drag shows are apparently in full swing. Sadly, enough, this is not the first "leaked video" showing this sort of thing. Every time a video like this surfaces, mainstream media comes to its defense and shouts down those who question it.

In 2019, TFTP brought you the story of a 10-year-old Canadian drag queen "Queen Lactatia" posing next to a naked adult male. The London-based magazine Huck, which writes about different subcultures lauded the act as "beautiful."

We disagree.

Also last year, a video surfaced on TikTok, sparking divide among the LGBTQ community showing a drag queen doing a strip tease and sexual dance for a girl who appears no older than five.

"LGBT activists want you to believe this is not only normal, but that it’s a step in the right direction towards individual self-expression and queer acceptance. People within the media go so far as to tout drag kids as stunning and brave, and drag queen story time is pushed to the masses within progressive woke culture. But when it’s hard to tell the difference between child grooming tactics and progressiveness, a huge problem arises," Sophia Narwitz wrote.

Narwitz, who is trans, went on to explain the harm this type of hypersexualization of children does to the LGBTQ community.

"As an LGBT individual myself, this culture the left is permeating affects me greatly. With much of the media swaying towards the “progressive” side of things, the public sees queer people as depicted by the media elite, and how they’re choosing to show us is as nothing more than sexually deviant perverts who want to fondle your children," she explained.

Consenting adults, voluntarily interacting, and causing no harm, should never be a reason to attempt to silence or otherwise persecute an individual or a group. However, when innocent children are being manipulated, exploited and sexualized, this is de facto harm and therefore immoral.