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Columbus, OH -- If ever you feel that the state has your interests in mind when they provide their mandatory "protection" through this system of law enforcement, consider the following scenario which completely negates that idea. When a system lets a serial child sexual abuser go free while locking someone in a cage for selling a plant—that system does not have your interests in mind.

A day care owner convicted of abusing over two dozen children -- many of them sexually -- will spend just 30 days in jail after taking a plea deal in her case. Kimberly Hignite was arrested last year after she was found to be operating an unlicensed day care in her Grove City home.

According to WBNS, when the Sheriff's Office searched the home in May 2018, they say they found 24 children with one adult: Hignite's 71-year-old mother. They say many of the children, between 7 months and 5 years old, were strapped into car seats, left unattended in separate rooms.

In the court room this week, some of the mothers spoke out about the abuse their children endured at the day care.

"One of my girls developed an anxiety-driven hair-pulling habit to the point that she was nearly bald," said one mother. "My heart breaks anytime I think about how my children were left alone, strapped into their car seats crying."

During the trial, prosecutors say multiple other children spoke of sexual touching, something called the "silly private game," in which kids spun a Twister-like clock with pictures of their private parts.

"A game that Miss Kim forced them to play using a tan and blue game board with pictures of private parts and a red spinner," said another mother. "Your Honor, the sound of my autistic son and little girl being able to describe what that grown woman's vagina looks like and feels like, is something we regrettably will never be able to forget, and honestly something that I can never forgive."

"My infant was left in her winter snowsuit, all day long strapped in her car seat, coming home sweating, dehydrated and hungry with awful diaper rashes to the point she was bleeding and I had to take her to the doctor," said a third mother, according to the report.

On Monday, prosecutors agreed to drop gross sexual imposition charges against Hignite. Instead of the serious charges, this monster was allowed to plea to 14 counts of child endangering and faced nearly no consequences at all.

Naturally, the mothers of the abused children were upset with such a slap on the wrist.

"If we cannot get the justice we hope for without re-traumatizing our children, I can only beg that you take every possible step to ensure that Kimberly Hignite can never hurt another child again," pleaded one mother.

Each of the 14 counts carried a maximum sentence of 180 days. Instead of handing down the max for 14 or even 2 or 3, Hignite received just 30 days along with a $4,200 fine.

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Justice? We think not.

Highlighting the sheer injustice of this situation is the fact that an arguably innocent man is rotting in a cage right now for helping people acquire marijuana.

Shane Scheid, 37, submitted a request to Judge Bill Simpson on March 28 to have his 2-4 year prison sentence reduced, for possession of 22.1 grams of marijuana. However, this week, that request was denied.

“The bed and space and other resources with the Wyoming Department of Corrections would be better utilized on more dangerous individuals,” Scheid's public defender, Kirk Morgan wrote in the appeal, Cody Enterprise reports.

But this did not matter to the court.

“The defendant has served less than 10 months of a stipulated period of incarceration and therefore, the state would oppose any such modification or reduction,” Michael Greenwood, deputy Park County prosecuting attorney wrote in April.

During the trial, Scheid was unapologetic and remained outspoken of his support for medical marijuana and the patients, including infants, he has assisted by providing them the herb, according to the Enterprise.

“I’d probably wear the charges leveled against me today for intent to distribute marijuana,” he said. “I wear them with a badge of honor.”

Sadly, this type of "justice" plays out over and over in the ostensible land of the free in which sex offenders receive petty sentences while plant dealers are locked in cages for life.

TFTP has reported on numerous situations, including one just last month in which a child rapist -- who admitted to raping an 11-year-old girl received no jail time while another man was sentenced to 25 years for a plant.

It’s high time we stop sending disabled Iraq War veterans, medical doctors, dads, children, wives and husbands to prison for a plant. It’s time we take action. Call your congressman or senator today and express your desire to see marijuana legalized, and those in prison for marijuana-related charges set free.

As Joe Rogan famously said nearly a decade ago, “Prison is for rapists, thieves, and murderers. If you lock someone up for smoking a plant that makes them happy, then you're the f**king criminal.”

Please share this article so we can show others how crimes against children go unpunished while the state ruins lives over plants.