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A CNN citizen panel shattered the mainstream narrative being promoted by the America’s top mass media propaganda outlet and laid the blame squarely at the feet of the mainstream media.

Things went awry immediately, as CNN host Alisyn Camerota began by asking the panelists if they were “troubled” by President Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville, VA -- where he noted that there was “blame on both sides” -- with not a single panelist expressing condemnation of Trump’s response, and one panelist specifically noting that there were “problems on both sides.”

“I didn’t see anything wrong with it. I mean he addressed the problem. Let’s face reality, there are problems on both sides,” panelist Bob Viera said. “I think it’s ridiculous to have me choose between Hitler and Stalin which is what I consider what both groups are,” he added.

"The Antifa group to me is totally a very Stalin-ish kind of group," Viera said. "If you’re willing to set fires and burn places to the ground, that doesn’t seem like a very peaceful group to me."

It’s worth noting that while everyone should be anti-fascist, the folks wearing all black, covering their faces, and inciting violence against anyone who disagrees with them are giving true anti-fascism a bad name.

Panelist Robert McCarthy blamed media bias and said, “The media is not covering it. They’re only focused on making neo-Nazis and white supremacists out to be Trump supporters.”

Another panelist, Daphne Goggins, said she is also convinced that not everyone at the rally was a neo-Nazi based on videos she saw on Facebook. She said she is going to reserve judgment until the matter is fully investigated. Goggins noted that when she attempted to share those videos, they were censored by the social media site.

Asked to comment on whether there were "very fine people" protesting in Charlottesville, Camerota was surprised by Goggins response:

"It hasn't been investigated so we don't really know who was out there. But I'm telling you, I've seen videos of other people who were out there who were not neo-Nazis."

Camerota then proceeded to play a clip of white nationalists chanting racial slurs against Jewish people, and while Goggins noted that she did not agree with the sentiment being expressed, she defended their right to free speech.

“Those crazy, I don’t know what else to call them. I probably can’t say it on TV. But they still have the right to say those crazy things,” she said.

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Another panelist, Trump supporter Amanda Delekta, said that the coverage of the violence basically equated voting for Trump to supporting neo-Nazis, and said the coverage was negative and intentionally biased.

“No one here is supporting the neo-Nazis or the white supremacists. And that narrative is really negative. But what we are talking about is President Trump’s response and he stood in front of America and he condemned the violence that occurred that day,” she said.

Panelist Jimmy Dozier noted that out of the 60 million people who voted for Trump, only a few hundred people were involved in the Charlottesville incident.

“You’re talking about three or four hundred people in Charlottesville. They’re sixty million people that voted for President Trump,” Dozier said. “Why don’t we get a say? Those people aren’t nothing. Democrats have idiots, Republicans have idiots. But we’re talking about us, the sixty million that’s for Trump. We don’t do stuff like that.”

Panelist Robert McCarthy commented on the media's blatant unwillingness to cover the Antifa counter-protests in which people showed up with "helmets, body armor, and clubs...ready to do battle."

"That's the night before the clash happened. The Antifa people didn't show up Friday night, they showed up Saturday. They came there to do battle. They showed up with helmets, body armor, clubs... They showed up with ballons filled with urine."

"The media is not covering it. They're only focused on making neo-Nazis and white supremacists out to be Trump supporters. He said there was trouble on both sides. Was there not trouble on both sides? I saw bats on both sides."

It is important to note that Trump is a corrupt president, making terrible and dangerous decisions, and implementing and continuing policy that leads to the death and suffering of millions world wide. However, when people easily dismiss him as a 'nazi', his actual criminal behavior in office is ignored and US imperialism and support for terrorist nations like Saudi Arabia continues, whilst schools and hospitals are blown apart by US bombs.

Finally, during the panel, an astute Trump supporter named L.A. Key suggested that the violence seen in Charlottesville may have been less than an organic, with an ulterior motive behind the outbreak of chaos, which was seemingly confirmed by an FBI insider. Key stated that her information came from Facebook, which prompted Camerota to ask if the panel trusted Facebook more than traditional news media outlets.

Every panelist agreed that they had lost trust in the mainstream media, and believed that alternative internet sources were more trustworthy than cable news outlets like CNN.