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Chattanooga, TN — In one of the most ridiculous acts of police incompetence—or cover ups—ever to cross the news desk of the Free Thought Project, it was reported out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, that an officer fired three times at a man who'd just committed suicide.

The Chattanooga police officers involved in the alleged shooting of the already deceased man have all been placed on suspension per company policy.

According to the Times Free Press, the incident unfolded Sunday as officers responded to a service call of a suicidal man with a gun. According to the report:

A Chattanooga Police Department officer responding to a Sunday morning service call involving a suicidal man accidentally discharged his department-issued handgun, with one bullet striking the deceased, a news release states.

The incident in the 4000 block of Oakwood Drive occurred at about 11:35 a.m., according to department communications coordinator Elisa Myzal.

The suicidal party, himself armed with a handgun, refused officers' commands to lower his weapon and shot himself. The officer who unintentionally fired his weapon did so after the man had mortally wounded himself, police said. Two of the officer's shots struck a chair, while one hit the deceased man in a leg, Major Crimes investigators determined.

On top of shooting a man who had already killed himself, adding to the ridiculous nature of this incident is the fact that investigators with the Chattanooga police department are claiming it was accidental.

While one round may be accidental, two rounds are most certainly not, three rounds—and you are doing everything in your power to kill someone.

What, exactly, made this officer fire his gun three times at a dead man remains a mystery. It also raises the some serious concerns as to what really happened.

Claiming an officer accidentally fired three rounds after a person killed himself could be a good way to cover up a murder. While there is no evidence to show this, it's certainly not out of the scope of what some folks in law enforcement are capable of.

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As TFTP reported just last week, a police sergeant in New York was caught on video confronting an unarmed 21-year-old man and shooting him at point blank range right in the face and then planting a knife on him. Sgt. Ritchard Blake claims the victim, Thayvone Santana was trying to rob him, but video and family members say otherwise. Now, after investigating the incident, it was reported this week that Blake was fired—but he is still not charged.

According to police, Blake claimed that Santana was attempting to rob him, so he had no choice but to shoot him in the face. However, police later changed their story and admitted that Santana and Blake knew each other and may have been in a dispute over a girl.

As the video shows, Blake and Santana appear to be having a verbal dispute on the sidewalk. At no time does Santana ever try to attack, pull a weapon, or otherwise physically assault Blake.

However, as the video shows, Blake then pulls a gun from his waistband and fires off three rounds into Santana's face.

After Blake shoots the innocent man, he is then seen on the video bending over his victim and placing a large knife next to his body.

There was only one problem with planting the evidence, however—the surveillance camera. Once Blake seemed to realize he was on surveillance video, he then picked the knife back up and put it in his back pocket.

After he was seen on video shooting an unarmed man in the face and planting evidence, Blake was not arrested. Not only was he not arrested but he was allowed to stay on the force for more than a week.

So, while it is entirely possible that the officer in Chattanooga simply blundered and accidentally fired his weapon three times at a man who'd just committed suicide, the idea that police will shoot someone and fabricate evidence after the fact is not far-fetched and apparently happens often enough to be captured on video as illustrated below—and not even get charged.