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Precedent set. Cops can watch fellow cops murder an innocent person and nothing happens. But if they use discretion for victimless crimes, they will be punished. 

Snook, TX - Three police officers may be facing disciplinary action after cell phone footage captured at Chilifest went viral. The video shows a lighthearted interaction between the officers and an underage girl caught drinking.

The clip, uploaded to social media site Vine, shows an unidentified girl, believed to be a college student at a Texas University, engaged in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with three officers. The video shows the girl facing the three cops who busted her for drinking underage, then challenged her to the popular game for a chance to get out of a citation.

The crowd surrounding the young woman erupted into cheers as she threw out a rock to one officer's scissors, winning the game. The cops kept their word and quickly moved on while the girl hugged one of her friends in relief.

The video was viewed half a million times in just one day and quickly caught the attention of Burleson County Precinct 2 Constable Dennis Gaas. Gaas hired the officers to work security at the music festival.

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According to Gaas, he hired officers from over 60 departments. The festival resulted in 44 arrests and 113 citations. In addition to letting the officers know they will not be permitted to work security for the music fest in the future, Gaas also contacted the departments for which the officers work.

One of the officers seen in the video has been identified as Officer Chris Ashwood of the Cameron Police Department. Even though Ashwood wasn't the one playing the game with the girl, he has been placed on a 90-day probation as punishment. Officer Ashwood told Cameron Police Chief Randy Dixon that one of the other officers decided to boot her from the concert rather than giving her a citation. Neither of the other two officers have been identified.

The disciplinary action taken against this officer is a stark contrast to the way departments across the country handle serious police misconduct. While three officers face punishment for choosing NOT to extort a young woman for a victimless crime, police are committing violent and sometimes deadly crimes with absolute impunity at an alarming rate. Cops can stand by and watch their fellow officers commit murder with no repercussions while Officer Ashwood gets a 90-day probation for being a nice guy.

People wonder why "good cops" are so few and far between. It's not hard to figure out, when the good ones are being punished and in some cases terminated, while the violent ones are protected and often rewarded with paid vacations for their behavior. If this keeps happening, all we'll be left with are corrupt, violent thugs in blue uniforms.