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It’s being called historic. A shattering of the glass ceiling. Unprecedented. But one thing must be made clear, in no uncertain terms: The Democratic nomination of Hillary Clinton did, in fact, land in the history books — but not because the happenstance of birth gave her female anatomy, as she would have you believe.

No. What the DNC extolled as a victory for women instead amounted to a farce of the highest order.

Hillary Clinton made history for outright, flagrant manipulation of her bid for the presidency through now-proven collusion with her corporate media echo chamber. She made history for coordinating an egregious psyop against the American people she claimed in earnest to be courting through the servile so-called journalists in outlets with national and worldwide audiences.

Hillary’s puppeteering of the media narrative had soulless writers running articles through her campaign otherwise known as Democratic National Committee insiders prior even to submission to their senior editors — an equally history-making conflagration of shame.

Hillary made history for blatant electoral fraud throughout the entire primary season, and while all but an established fact, it’s necessary now not to obfuscate its integral importance in her so-called glass ceiling-smashing.

She made history for transmitting the State’s utmost classified security information through a non-secure personal server constructed purely to thwart attempts by journalists and advocates with actual integrity to obtain records of those communications. Indeed, she made history then, too, for meddling in sovereign states’ affairs so brazen, outright war crimes later surfaced purely through leaks from those same non-secure servers. She made history for insider knowledge of purely monetary reasons for deposing — and ultimately decimating — emerging, non-petrodollar economies.

She then flippantly shrugged off one leader's death with a chuckle so chilling, Mussolini undoubtedly rolled in his grave.

Hillary made history for carelessness so colossal, the whole world laughed at its arrogance — though she also made history for a Houdini-like escape from any shred of responsibility. Though, notably, that lack of accountability also knocked out more than a few pegs of national integrity.

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She made history for slavish subservience to corporate and banking hegemonies while laughably proselytizing on the need to rein in their power. Hillary made history for astronomically-padded speaking fees she comically misrepresented as the value of her words.

In related matters, the former head of the State Department made history for her family’s frail façade of a charitable organization which blatantly launders monied interests to affect foreign policies in whatever warhawkish avenue the highest bidder so desires.

Hillary made history for mendacity on an epic, multi-faceted scale.

She made history for garnering the nomination in the most hotly contentious election cycles in nearly five decades with the quietest and unenthusiastic support bases of any presidential election, possibly in U.S. history.

Hillary made history, above all, because Bernie Sanders wimpishly capitulated in an act so betraying of his millions of supporters, it’s more likely the acquiescence was planned from the start.

Hillary Clinton made history, for certain — as the surreptitious fascist she condemns in her opponent.

You want to know how fascism came to America? Look to Trump, absolutely; but don’t mistake the same isn’t present in his putative nemesis — the one he long considers an ally.

No, Hillary’s glass ceiling has nothing to do with being female — and everything to do with the sincerest form of autocracy.