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Fret not fellow citizens, these "public servants" will only beat us, cage us, extort us, and kill us, because they are "Just doing their Jobs."


In most professions, intelligence and education are desirable qualities. Not so in U.S. police departments, where the brutal, oppressive nature would be threatened by such acts as questioning and thinking.

Informed readers already know that police departments do not hire people with high IQs, as The Free Thought Project previously reported.

Couched in appeals to the common safety, these Orwellian tactics of seeking out ignorance obscure a deeper truism. Like the military, which serves as a tool of global hegemony, the police state requires absolute obedience to carry out extortion and violence. The apparatus begins to crack when people begin to question.

While the obedient mindset is instilled in cops, daily police-citizen encounters are not under the control of a remote commander. Individual cops in isolated situations hold life and death in their hands with the backing of the state. The courts and politicians want us to believe that a less intelligent, less educated person is more capable of making the right decision.

The facts are not on their side.

A Michigan State University study found that college education significantly reduces the likelihood of an officer using force against a citizen. While higher learning does not necessarily equate to intelligence, it can foster the desire to question and open the mind to other realms of possibility.

This is anathema to Police State USA.

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Indeed, another study found that “…college-educated cops are dissatisfied with the job, have negative views of their supervisors and don't necessarily favor community policing...”

Only unquestioning order followers will feel resolute in kicking down a family's front door, shooting their dog, kidnapping their children and arresting their father -- for possessing a plant.

Only unquestioning order followers can sleep at night after a long day of collecting revenue for their overlords.

Extorting the innocent for not wearing their seat belts, dark window tint, or one of the many and arbitrary acts of legislation designed to separate the citizen from the fruits of their labor, is the work of a person without conscience.

Community policing amounts to daily harassment of the citizenry focused in lower wealth-class neighborhoods. It leads to unintelligent cops tackling and choking overweight men to death for the petty “crime” of selling loose cigarettes.

On April 11th we witnessed the shocking death of Eric Harris, who was accidentally shot by a cop who meant to reach for his taser. No amount of adrenaline can excuse the stupidity displayed here.

Lack of intelligence is a well known and oft-parodied trait among police officers. Barney Fife, Sgt. Frank Drebin, and Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane immortalized the inept cop on television. In real life, however, Keystone cops and their bad decisions end the lives of innocents on a daily basis.

In the law enforcement profession, reason and intellect are shunned. This is rubber stamped by the courts and openly admitted by authority figures. Lack of intelligence is preserved in the ranks, as detectives and superiors are promoted from within. The militarized police state is dependent upon the unquestioning, obedient officer.