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Singapore — History is certainly being made right now as the American President meets with the leader of North Korea for the first time. Diplomacy is always a better solution than threats and war and will inevitably end with a more peaceful and beneficial outcome. During this most historic act of diplomacy, however, the United States set aside 4 minutes and 12 seconds to play a propaganda video which nearly negated all of this diplomacy.

The video, which was produced in the vein of a low-budget action movie trailer and towed a line that was eerily similar to the Matt Stone and Trey Parker movie "Team America: World Police," issued North Korea an ultimatum—get on board with us, or be bombed into oblivion.

"A new world can begin today, one of friendship, respect and goodwill. Be part of that world, where the doors of opportunity are ready to be opened," states the narrator of the film.

The video then lays out two paths: looking back to war or moving forward to peace. It promises a “new world” where the “doors of opportunity are ready to be open, investment from around the world, where you can have medical breakthroughs, an abundance of resources, innovative technology, and new discoveries.”

Issuing the choice of destruction or embracing US control, the narrator then asks, "Will this leader choose to advance his country and be part of a new world? Be the hero of his people? Will he shake the hand of peace and enjoy prosperity like he has never seen? A great life, or isolation? Which path will be chosen?"

At the end of the video, the narrator states, "Featuring President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un, in a meeting to remake history. To shine in the sun. One moment. One choice. What if? The future remains to be written."

The extremely cheesy video—featuring speed boats and basketball players—while threatening total annihilation via nuclear war, then ends.

The video was reportedly shown to Kim on an iPad and played in both English and Korean. When asked what Kim thought of the video, Trump replied, "I think he liked it."

During a press conference, he said the optimistic outcome could “very well be the future.” When a reporter asked whether he was worried the North Korean regime could use the video as propaganda, something it often does, he brushed it off. “Not at all,” he said. “We can use that for other countries.”

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According to the New York Daily News, Kim seemed to like the video too, saying through a translator that many people would see it as a scene from a “science fiction movie.”

Given the cast resources of the US government, the low-budget nature of the video is almost as terrible as its message.

The irony that the country with hundreds of military bases across the world—who conducts nation building at the behest of the military industrial complex while killing children in multiple countries, who spies on its own citizens and has the largest prison population in the world—is somehow this bastion and example of freedom, is incredible.

To be clear, North Korea has for decades, been making hollow threats — none of which they have ever carried out since the Korean war. Since the Korean War, North and South Korea have engaged in incursions and sabotage within each other's respective countries, but North Korea has never attacked anyone else since. While this meeting is a great move in the right direction, the only prior threat they posed to the US was due to the US backing them into a corner via sanctions and promises of nuclear war.

During an interview with the Mises Institute's Lew Rockwell last year, Ron Paul bluntly noted, "I fear our government more than North Korea." And, he's right. If you don't know why he's right, ask yourself this question, "What has North Korea done to you?"

Nothing highlights the hypocrisy of the US government's claim of keeping the world safe quite like the global polls taken over the last several years that ask, "Which country is the greatest threat to peace on the planet?"

Unanimously, every year, the answer to that question is the United States. 

For your viewing pleasure, here is Team America: World Police The United States—North Korea Singapore Summit Video.