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Mike Sawyer

July 23, 2014

Screen Capture: Youtube

Screen Capture: Youtube

Hallie Bibeau is a 33 year old resident of Newfields, N.H., with a very kind heart.

Bibeau was driving down Route 101 by exit 8 on Friday when she saw a group of ducklings and their mother who'd been hit by a car.

Being the Good Samaritan that she is, Bibeau stopped her car on the median to help the distressed ducks.

"I could hear them peeping, and I looked over the right hand side of the road, and I saw that their mom had been hit and was dead on the side, so I couldn't just continue on," she said.

Bibeau then made a questionable decision to call 911.

While she was waiting on police to show up, she hopped out of the car and saved two of the ducklings.

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Seeing a woman stopped in the median, an ambulance on its way to another incident further east on Route 101 stopped.

Right behind the ambulance was a State Trooper who showed up to save the day. He began his valiant quest by heroically demanding Bibeau give him her ID. Then, to protect the lives of all the citizens of Newfields N.H., he extorted her.

Bibeau was issued a $100 citation for parking on the median.

"We keep our medians free for vehicles who are truly having an emergency, such as the vehicle that was up ahead," State police Lt. Nicole Armaganian told WMUR. "Stopping for an injured duck or ducklings is not what we would consider to be an emergency."

The kind-hearted Bibeau says she plans on contesting the ticket, but even if she has to pay, she says she would do it all over again.

"For the mom that had gotten hit, I just wanted to do whatever I could for her ducklings, and if I could save two of them, I could save two of them," she said.

We salute your selfless efforts Hallie Bibeau, as well as your courage to do what's right despite the threat of police extortion.

Maybe after seeing the negative press associated with citing a woman for trying to save wildlife, this New Hampshire state trooper will be more like Sgt Brian Hildebrandt, of the Evansville Police Department. Hildebrandt drove up to a scene of several folks trying to save some baby ducklings last May, and instead of writing everyone a ticket, he actually aided in the rescue.