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“We practiced to this not more than 3 weeks ago,” said LAX Police Chief Patrick Gannon at a press conference hours after the shooting. “We took every one of our patrol officers and a couple hundred officers from the Los Angeles Police Department and we practiced the exact scenario we played out today.”

Why is it that with so many of these terrorist events that there is usually a drill carried on or near the actual date of the atrocity? Is it just a strange coincidence?

Also, why is it that almost all of these mass shooters are labeled anti-government conspiracy theorists? Are the ranks of Alex Jones fans really a bunch of hot heads prepping for mass murders? I'd like to think otherwise as the label 'conspiracy theorist' tends to encompass those who simply question the official paradigm.

Of course the drill could be a coincidence. Also, the media could simply be pandering for views by stoking fear. We will likely never know.

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One thing is for certain however, and that is the role of the media in the US. They serve as the Praetorian Guard for the establishment. If people like you and I begin to question the status quo, even though we are 100% peaceful, we represent a threat to this establishment; in turn the establishment calls out their guard.

Association fallacies are rife within the MSM. Being that they have no actual evidence of wrong doing by those of us who protest government corruption, they will jump on the chance to associate a murderer with any movement that seems to be gaining ground. “Someone murdered a bunch of people and we found a John Locke book at his house. I heard a libertarian mention John Locke the other day, that libertarian must want to murder people!”

Silly I know, but somehow it still seems to be an effective tool of the establishment. Someone has to be very disturbed to shoot other people for causing them no harm, so saying that this kid was a 'conspiracy theorist' means nothing to me and it should mean nothing to you.

If you have sick thoughts of killing innocent people, please seek help, NEVER act upon it. You will not get any credit for your supposed cause, and you will make martyrs out of the ones you opposed.

The short of it is that we may never know if there is some vast conspiracy out for world domination or if they are just a bunch of rich psychopath perverts vying for power over those willing to submit to their authority. I tend to stick with the latter.

After all, these people are nothing without the consent of those who they pretend to rule. They are not the major problem. Sycophant, child molesting rich people will always exist, we just need to stop giving them positions of authority from which they can play out their sick fantasies.

The real change will come from those around you. Spread a message of peace and liberty. Help people to relinquish their dependency upon a violent group of sociopaths that pretend to maintain a façade of order. Once enough people realize that they are their own masters, all those who claim the role of master will cease to exist.