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Flying in the face of science, in September 2021, despite claiming he wouldn't issue one, President Joe Biden announced a vaccine mandate for all companies in the United States with more than 100 employees. If these companies refused to comply, they were told they would face massive fines, upwards of $700,000. Not wanting to go out of business from massive fines, companies across the country, including hospitals — under state coercion — issued an ultimatum to their employees, take the jab or kick rocks.

As many folks didn't want or need a vaccine due to already having COVID-19, or were opposed to it for religious reasons, Biden's mandate caused a storm of worker shortages, affecting all industries. Millions of people quit or were fired from their jobs over the mandate, adding fuel to the already massive dumpster fire that is the US economy.

As vaccine deadlines loomed, so did massive worker shortages — particularly hard hit was the health care industry. After millions of doctors, nurses, and other health care workers braved COVID-19 in 2020, working the frontlines and risking their lives to battle the pandemic, in 2021, they went from essential to expendable for not getting a vaccine for a disease they may already have gotten over.

Thanks to the draconian forced medical procedures, hospitals across the nation experienced labor shortages from administrators, to doctors, and even janitorial staff.

And for what?

Earlier this week, the CDC reversed its long standing discrimination policy against the unvaccinated, stating, “CDC’s COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status."

All the people who lost their livelihoods, homes, and lifelong careers had been forced out of work and their lives turned to shambles — for a bogus, unscientific policy that would be reversed a year later. It was shameful to say the least.

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As we reported at the time, many health care workers fought back and sued. Now, some of them are getting justice.

In the state of Illinois, health care workers who were fired or impacted over forced medical procedures found out this week that they will be receiving $10 million as part of a major lawsuit against the mandates.

"Let this case be a warning to employers that violated Title VII," Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, the group behind the lawsuit, told the Washington Examiner. "It is especially significant and gratifying that this first classwide COVID settlement protects healthcare workers."

As FOX Business reports:

The case centers around workers at NorthShore University HealthSystem, who filed a lawsuit in October 2021 claiming their employer illegally refused to grant any religious exemptions to a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The settlement approved in the Illinois Northern District Court will result in 473 employees of the system becoming eligible for compensation for being denied a religious exemption to the vaccine mandate, with any of those fired as a result of the rules being eligible for $25,000. The 13 plaintiffs involved in the suit will be eligible for an additional $20,000, while those who complied with the mandate to keep their jobs despite having religious objections will be eligible for $3,000.

Liberty Counsel Vice President of Legal Affairs Horatio Mihet said in a statement that the settlement should "serve as a strong warning to employers across the nation that they cannot refuse to accommodate those with sincere religious objections to forced vaccination mandates."

Indeed it should serve as a warning and those responsible held accountable, as the court found that the mandate violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. It should also set a precedent for the remainder of the country who is still jobless or was forced to take a vaccine that won't stop them from getting COVID-19, spreading it, or dying from it.