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Unashamed, unhinged, and unafraid of calling for the extrajudicial murder of a reporter, the establishment-parroting media outlet, Mediaite, published a literal 'hit' piece on Julian Assange Monday. Without beating around the bush, John Levine, editor for Mediaite, let his and his sources violent opinions be known.

"We can drone Julian Assange.

In a controlled targeted strike, the United States can blow up the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he currently resides, and put an end to Mr. Assange and Wikileaks."

Levine begins his piece by praising the Trump administration for 'getting tough' with WikiLeaks. He then goes on to praise Jeff Sessions who noted that he was looking for ways to arrest and prosecute Julian Assange — for doing nothing more than exposing the crimes of the state. Citing, CIA director Mike Pompeo, Levine notes how the deep state refers to WikiLeaks as a "hostile intelligence service," yet has no "quick fix" for stopping them.

Fret not, however, as Levine does have a quick fix — removal of due process, followed by taxpayer funded assassination. To back up his insanity, Levine cites his 'expert' in the matter — a former public defender turned DUI attorney, Robert Precht.

“If you accept the premise that drone attacks are appropriate in some situations where it is impossible to apprehend suspected terrorists, then a proposed drone attack against Assange seems permissible,” Robert Precht, a former public defendertold Mediaite. “Giving the option of surrendering or being attacked actually seems generous.”

Precht then goes on to claim that Assange is a threat and Precht's background in defending a terrorist over two decades ago gives him the street cred to advocate for state-sponsored assassinations.

“Having defended the lead suspect in the World Trade Center bombing case, I would say the evidence of conspiring to commit terrorist acts is greater in Assange’s case than the evidence against some of the World Trade Center defendants, who are all serving life sentences now,” he told Mediaite.

Levine then uses the rest of his article in a futile attempt to justify his call for murdering a journalist by falsely claiming — just like the Obama administration — that WikiLeaks put people in harm's way, going so far as to paint Assange as an actual terrorist.

Using several quotes from establishment mouthpieces in the mainstream media, who all parrot the narrative they are told, and who all serve to protect the status quo that WikiLeaks exposes, Levine failed embarrassingly at making his case.

As former president George W. Bush once said, the United States should make no distinction between terrorists and those harbor them. Ecuador is harboring a terrorist, and the United States should send a message that, that is still not okay.

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According to Levine, the US government would be justified in launching missiles at a sovereign nation — who has done nothing to the US — all to take out a journalist who actually reports for the people.

The amazing thing about droning Julian Assange is that, once one accepts the premise that he is drone-worthy, the elegance and humanity of that option becomes readily apparent.

Levine would like you to believe that there is 'humanity' in murder. No wonder he quotes George Bush.

As Assange noted in an interview with Der Spiegel, WikiLeaks are not terrorists, they merely free information: “WikiLeaks is a giant library of the world’s most persecuted documents. We give asylum to these documents, we analyze them, we promote them and we obtain more.”

WikiLeaks has won more than a dozen awards across the globe for their journalism. Unlike any other news outlet in the world, however, WikiLeaks has never had to retract a story.

Aside from their perfect record, and contrary to the claims of Mediaite's murder-loving editor, no one has ever been injured or put in harms way from the information released by WikiLeaks. The only people to face consequences for the release of this information are the ones whose crimes are exposed by it — hardly an act of terror.

The good news about this man, and editor of an outlet which allows him to publish articles calling for the murder of innocent journalists, is that this piece will only discredit them.

For those that are unfamiliar, Mediaite is a news and opinion blog covering politics and entertainment in the media industry. It is the flagship blog of Abrams Media, a ring of blogs run by ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams.

Media outlets, like CNN and MSNBC — and now Mediaite — who attempt to fear monger about or try to discredit WikiLeaks, is that they only end up further discrediting themselves and showing their dedication to corruption and secrecy.

Welcome to shame, Mediaite, it suits you well.