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Aleppo, Syria - A well-orchestrated social media propaganda campaign, coming out of Aleppo, has shifted into overdrive after the Syrian Arab Army reclaimed the city. The country's own military took back control after heavy fighting with Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s army in Syria, and other Islamist-affiliated forces, who are laughably known in the West as the "moderate rebels."

Videos of what have been reported in mainstream media to be average Syrian citizens pleading for international assistance in the face of an all-out genocide have been beamed across the whole of western corporate media into European and American homes.

But there is one major problem with these well-articulated video pleas: these aren’t simple civilians of Aleppo, but bloggers and filmmakers – who have played active roles in supporting the regime change operation – who are now magically being given prime time slots for worldwide TV coverage. Interestingly, Aleppo has no cell service or electricity, so how these "civilian" videos are being recorded/disseminated is also an open question, which implies less than organic means.

According to Anissa Naouai, host of RT’s ‘In the Now’, a quick search of the Internet reveals the identities of these “civilians.”

The videos, while differing ever so slightly, are all underpinned by a common narrative: there is an all-out genocide taking place; that the Assad forces are going from door to door killing their own people and taking no prisoners; and that Aleppo’s Islamist al-Nusra oppressors are actually valiantly fighting the evil genocidal regime.

Contrary to these highly publicized videos, pleading for international assistance, numerous videos have come to light, which are NOT played in the western media, that reveal a drastically different response from the Syrian people to the liberation of Aleppo -- as they show actual reality.

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While there is undoubtedly collateral damage during a war, the notion that the Syrian army is actively undertaking a systematic killing, or rape, and committing “genocide” is unfounded and has little, to no, factual evidentiary basis.

While war is certainly hell -- the genocidal extermination narrative is a western propaganda creation meant to bolster the West’s deteriorating position in Syria by coalescing public support for greater military intervention.

The corporate press seems content to print these allegations as fact, without corroborating evidence. While there are instances of vigilante justice in any theater of war, the attempt by mainstream media to conflate these isolated wartime incidents, into a larger organized phenomena, are indicative of the propaganda model being employed by western forces.

The common thread found in all of these “civilian” videos is that the people behind them are not simply innocent citizens making a plea for help, but are bloggers, activists, and independent filmmakers who have previously publicly committed to regime change in Syria. There is clearly an information war taking place, with a specific intent of manipulating the Western public into supporting increased military intervention in Syria.

Regime change in Syria, largely due to strategic pipeline and geopolitical considerations, has been the plan from the start of U.S. involvement. With the liberation of Aleppo, an all out propaganda blitz has become the last line of defense to get the Western public behind the Syrian regime change operation.

When the western media disingenuously talks about genocide in Aleppo, the hidden reality is that the people of Aleppo have been under hostile occupation for years by the so-called “moderate rebels” and forced into a subservient lifestyle. Don’t be surprised when you see these citizens dancing in the streets, as it’s clearly due to the public jubilation of having finally been rescued from a years-long occupation, which was largely supported by a U.S. foreign policy that worked to arm their captors either directly or by proxy.

Using an excuse of humanitarian intervention, under R2P (responsibility to protect), in an exercise of imperial regime change -- underpinned by strategic geopolitical interests -- must be recognized for exactly what it is. The video below highlights just how disconnected U.S. policy and propaganda is from what is actually transpiring on the ground in Syria.