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This week it was reported that the office manager for anti-drug Senator Thad Cochran was caught importing meth from China, to allegedly sell and trade for sexual favors.

The Senate staffer, Fred W. Pagan, was arrested this week after a raid on his home where police found 181.5 grams of meth. Pagan allegedly admitted to importing the drug. He also admitted to receiving a number of other shipments in the past, including one package that included over a kilo of GHB, the infamous "date rape drug." These drugs are arguably among the most dangerous on the market.

Pagan has been under government surveillance since April 9th when one of his packages was intercepted by customs agents in Ohio. That package was addressed to him and contained over a kilo of GHB.

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While being interviewed by investigators, Pagan also attempted to divert the blame from himself by saying that he was receiving the drugs for a distributor that was using his address to avoid detection. So far, no information has been revealed about the distributor and it has not been confirmed that this person even exists. However, it is likely assumed that Pagan was in business with a number of different people to be able to carry out such a large-scale operation.

Pagan's boss, Thad Cochran has been consistently anti-drug throughout his entire career, shown both by his rhetoric and his voting record.

"Senator Cochran is disturbed and deeply saddened by the arrest of his long-time aide Fred Pagan, and is suspending him of all duties pending the outcome of this case," a statement from Cochran's office released on Friday said, according to NBC.

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