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(TDS) — Here’s one from the ‘you can’t make this stuff up’ files. The New York Police Association says that discrimination against the “blue” is legitimate, and therefore, cops suffer from racism.

Nothing undermines racism quite like this. Angry at what they say is widespread discrimination against them for their chosen profession, (working for stolen funds and tossing peaceful people in jail for victimless crimes) a group of police officers in New York City coined the term “Blue Racism” as a way to draw attention to the mistreatment they say they face at the hands of the public.

The New York Police Department’s Sergeants Benevolent Association say that they have become victims of racism; even though police abuse is rampant and widespread and they oppress literally all of us.

“Cops are being shot at and killed just because they are cops,” Ed Mullins, the SBA president and a 36-year NYPD veteran, told Fox News. “Police are being made to be the bad guys and I’m not saying that there aren’t a few bad apples, but the majority of us are trying to help people and do our jobs.”

Let’s do the math for Mr. Mullins. According to their own data, only 33 of the 82 “deaths in the line of duty” so far in 2017 can even come close to counting as “being killed just because they are cops.” Car accidents and motorcycle crashes don’t count as being killed for “blue racism.” But let’s go ahead and announce how many civilians cops have killed so far in 2017: 633; and counting. And there will be more civilians killed by police today.

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People have the right to discriminate against those who are systematically executing them; aka, cops. Period. If cops don’t like that people are tired of being killed or jailed or stolen from for victimless crimes (and sometimes for nothing), maybe they should quit terrorizing the public. The complaining by those who have a special badge allowing them to kill others without justice is getting ridiculously old.

On Sunday, a video was released about “Blue Racism” in which the police group describes how police officers have been targeted for discrimination and how many people can’t look past the color of their uniform. But in all honesty, it isn’t the color of the uniform or the person wearing it that people have an issue with. It’s the disturbing way police go about enforcing victimless crimes, violating the Constitution, and taking orders like a robot that have most rattled.

“The average person doesn’t see those things that make me human,” the video’s narrator says. “They don’t even label as being African-American, Latino, Asian, Caucasian and so on. They tend to see an even broader stereotype, through an even more racist lens. When they look at me, they see blue,” the narrator adds.

Even Fox News did an accurate number portrayal of 2016.

The number of police officers killed on duty in 2016 did increase from the previous year — but it was still well below the recent yearly averages. A report by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund released last Decembershowed 135 officers died on the job in 2016, the highest number in five years –but for the past 10 years the yearly average was 151 deaths. In comparison, law enforcement officers killed more than 1,000 individuals in 2016. -Fox News

The bottom line: people are not “racist” against the thin blue line. People are tired of law enFORCEment officers enforcing all laws, even those which go against the very Constitution they claim to uphold. At the end of the day, cops follow orders and just do their job; which is the cornerstone of every tyrannical uprising in history. Without order followers, there would be no orders.