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A man in a non-specific uniform gets strangers to litter, change how they walk, makes them jump in place, and even gets them to enact violence against others.

If a man in a uniform came up to you, gave you a taser, and told you to guard and detain another man who he claims is a criminal, would you? If that man tried to leave would you stop him or taser him?

In the video below, most of the people tested actually go to the extent of hurting another human being, who they've never met, simply because a man in a uniform told them to do so.

This unquestioning obedience to the state, regardless of morality, is a telltale sign of a police state. It is also the end result of decades of societal conditioning.

The costumed individual is obeyed, because this costume and shiny medal, is backed with the promise of violence. We've all been taught this from childhood.

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What the uniform says is, "I belong to a very powerful group and if you do not do what I say, I can have my other friends come back here to kidnap you, lock you in a cage, or worse and no one will question me for it."

In the video below take note as to how easily people submit to ridiculous commands given to them by the costumed man.

Ironically these same people who just, littered, enacted violence and degraded themselves will most likely claim that they live in a free society. Is a society that will blindly bow down and submit to the boot of corrupt authority, really free?