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A Montana man, Ernie Tertelgte appeared in court for fishing without a license and resisting arrest. Tertelgte told the judge “I am a living man protected by natural law and I have the right to forage for food when I am hungry… You are trying to create a fictitious, fraudulent action.”

Tertelgte went on further, “those men (the arresting officers) were charged by me right back by staging an overthrow of the Constitution of 1789, and the overthrow Bill of Rights, and overthrow of my rights to forage for food as a natural living person who was in hunger. I was searching for something to put in my stomach as I am recognized to be allowed to by universal law… They violated everything.”

Then the judge told Tertelgte to "shush" Tertelgte yelled, “Do not tell me to shut up! I am the living, natural man, and my voice will be heard!”When the judge left her bench, Tertlgte said, “no way, get back here and finish this!”

If only the majority of folks had this much independence, this country would be in a much better state of affairs.

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